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Uncompromised Quality with Amann Girrbach

Using exceptional technology to produce exceptional work

When CDT's Gary and Don Killgo, owners of Georgia Dental Laboratory in Tucker, Georgia, decided to invest in a digital system that demonstrated its ability to meet the quality standards and open architecture demanded, it wasn’t until Amann Girrbach introduced its Ceramill Motion milling solution that Killgo felt confident that new developments in milling technology could deliver a product that would withstand the microscope inspection rigors of his production and quality control processes. “When Amann Girrbach came to my laboratory to show me the quality they were getting with a desktop mill, I was impressed,” says Killgo. “We had experimented with laboratories using much larger milling units and they couldn’t come close to matching the precision the Ceramill Motion could produce.”

Ceramill Motion 2 Mill

Amann Girrbach’s Ceramill Motion 2 mill, developed exclusively for digital dentistry, is a compact, upgradeable, hybrid dental CNC machine that combines five-axis milling and grinding technology in both wet and dry modes. This flexibility allows dental laboratories of all sizes to quickly and easily fabricate exceptionally precise esthetic restorations in-house. The Motion 2 can handle full-contour crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, abutments, zirconia frameworks, and full-arch restorations, and its modular platform delivers maximum flexibility and scalability to handle new materials and indications.

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