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Restorations In Rhythm and On Time with Jensen Dental

Recapturing lost business and realizing the shift to digital

For Scott Raab, CDT, a lab owner for over 30 years, the 2013 transition to a digital workflow with Jensen Dental was as natural as it was profitable. When the recession hit and gold prices skyrocketed, the volume of his work began decreasing. “Now I understood why the work coming from by clients was getting thinner and thinner. It was going to digital production laboratories. I knew then it was time for change.” Determined to find a digital solution, Raab began researching the different digital options on the market. It became clear early on that a complete in-house CAD/CAM solution would give him the total control he wanted to exercise over the cases he was producing. The next step was to find a CAD/CAM system that supported the high-end esthetics he demanded of his business, one that complemented his current product lineup, and a system that provided continuous access to the rapidly changing landscape of new materials and restorative options. He also knew that he needed a manufacturing partner that he could rely on for best-in-class technical service and support. He had dealt with most of the major companies in the market, but only one had a complete system and met all these criteria—Jensen Dental.

Preciso S200 Scanner

The Preciso S200 Scanner is a precise, high quality dental scanner that is your gateway to innovative materials including 3M ESPE’s Lava™ Plus High Translucency Zirconia and Lava™ Ultimate Restorative, as well as Jensen Digital Consumables including Jensen HT Zirconia, Wax, and PMMA. The Preciso S200 is powered by either Lava Design 7 or the all new Preciso CAD, providing laboratories with an intuitive workflow and modular functionality making it easy to integrate into your laboratory, no matter how much or how little digital you use. The Preciso S200 delivers high performance and unparalleled accuracy, scanning up to 10 single dies in less than 2.5 minutes with full-arch scan capability all at an affordable price point.

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