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Flawlessly transition your laboratory to a digital solution

When Amann Girrbach launched its open-architecture Ceramill CAD scan and CAM milling system in the United States, Klaus Lampmann and Alexander Wunsche of Zahntechnique (Miami, FL) knew it was time to invest. “What this scanner affords is the flexibility to design products to our exacting standards and either produce them in-house or, if needed, send the design to any milling center that accepts open STL files,” said Wunsche. “We are not confined in our CAD designs by the software nor limited to the production center we want to use or the products we need for our clients.” The robust Ceramill Mind software, which is based on Exocad design software, allows more design freedom than other CAD programs and includes the virtual Artex® articulator with all the settings required for creating a truly functional and complex case complete with fully customizable tooth libraries. Soon the software will offer the ability to design functional surgical stents and guides.

Ceramill Map400

The new Ceramill Map400 is the next generation of advanced, fully automatic, high-performance digital scanners from Amann Girrbach. Highly sensitive 3D sensors provide exceptionally precise (<20 µm), high-resolution data; a new wide angle measuring field is able to handle the largest restorations while minimizing the number of scan images required; and just two axes reduce the scan times of full arches and articulated casts, allowing the laboratory to quickly and precisely scan articulated casts, bite registrations, diagnostic models, soft tissue models, and wax-ups plus bridges up to 14 units. Plus the Map400’s open platform with the Mind software is compatible with other existing hardware and software for maximum flexibility.

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