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Staying Competitive in the Market with Zahn Dental

Research the best material and milling choices to keep pace with demand.

When Zahn Dental introduced the Zirlux® homogenously shaded zirconia milling disc, George Zoller, CDT and co-owner of Mountain Dental Laboratory in Asheville, North Carolina, didn’t hesitate to jump on board. “Finally, we had a fully-shaded milling disc that would produce full-contour restorations unaffected by adjustments in the chair,” said Zoller. “My clients were very pleased with the adjustability and polishability of Zirlux crowns in the mouth.” Plus, by partnering with Zahn he could take advantage of the company’s commitment to an extensive nationwide media campaign for the Zirlux material in the dental journals.

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Zirlux® Universal Zirconia System

Zahn Dental’s Zirlux® Universal Zirconia System is an all-in-one system for zirconia indications. Zirlux FC brings beautiful esthetic translucent outcomes to the strength of full-contour zirconia. Five pre-shaded, high-translucency discs eliminate the time consuming steps associated with coloring liquids. A simple stain and glaze process for full-contour restorations can be completed using Zirlux FC2 characterization materials. When esthetic concerns are paramount, simply mill pre-shaded copings and frameworks for layering with Zirlux LC pressable pellets and powders.

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