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Amann Girrbach Keeps Up with Demand

How to use new technology to keep up with your laboratory’s workload.

As Luke Kahng, owner of LSK121 Oral Prosthetics in Naperville, Illinois, began to analyze the many CAD/CAM systems on the market, paramount to his purchasing decision was a system that offered an open-architecture platform and a company that not only manufactured the machinery but also made the milling materials. Amann Girrbach’s Ceramill Motion 2 mill was one of the few that met his criteria. Today, LSK121 is milling its own full-contour zirconia restorations in-house from Ceramill Zolid zirconia. “Everyone wants a natural looking restoration, and the quality of this zirconia helps us to create more true-to-life esthetics,” explains Kahng.

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Ceramill Zolid

Ceramill Zolid from Amann Girrbach is an advanced translucent zirconia with exceptional esthetics, strength, and stability. Used in combination with the Ceramill CAD/CAM digital system, the laboratory can produce esthetic full-contour, zirconia dental prostheses, without the need for veneering.

A crucial factor in developing the zirconia’s exceptional translucency and optical depth effects is the sintering temperature. If the temperature is increased in favor of light permeability, excessive grain formation develops that can reduce the material’s long-term strength and stability. Without using excessive sintering temperatures, sintering for Amann Girrbach’s esthetically optimized zirconia occurs at a temperature of 1450° C, the same temperature as non-translucent zirconia. The results are brilliant for both clinicians and their patients.

Ceramill Motion 2

The sophisticated Ceramill Motion 2 from Amann Girrbach is a compact hybrid dental CNC milling machine that combines five-axis milling and grinding technology, in both wet and dry applications. This enhanced flexibility allows the lab to keep fabrication processes in-house, including the dry milling of zirconia, wax, and Amann Girrbach’s new non-precious alloy Sintron® (CrCo-Soft), the wet milling of PMMA and temporary material, as well as wet grinding of glass ceramics.

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