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It was the unspoken pressure of five generations of Fillastre men that drove Alvin Fillastre III, CDT, to enroll in dental school. After graduating from college in 1975, he worked in his father’s in-office laboratory, but soon family expectations to carry on the generations-old legacy became too much and he sought to enter dental school three years later. What he quickly discovered was that although the clinical work intrigued and interested him, the patient aspect of dentistry did not. What he enjoyed most was the small laboratory he set up in his off-campus apartment where, in his spare time, he did the laboratory work for upper classmen. Two years into the program, Fillastre made the decision to return home to Lakeland, Florida and set up a commercial laboratory in his father’s dental office.

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Al Fillastre, CDT explains the benefits of "sense-press" technology using the Whip Mix ProPress SP Porcelain Pressing Furnace.

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