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The Best of the Best with B&D Dental Technologies

To get the most out of technology investments, choose partners that take a personal interest in your laboratory.

When CDT's Keith Pettus amd Randy Leverette, owners of Capitol Dental Designs in Montgomery, Alabama, heard about B&D Dental Technologies in Salt Lake City, Utah, they were offering a 98-mm puck and a full-line of Origin milling machines that could produce 30 units in one milling session at a cost of $9 per unit. Their excitement about the technology was renewed, but this time they wanted to test the equipment first-hand to ensure that the fit integrity of the end product would be good enough to satisfy the demands of their quality-conscious clients. Working with B&D sales representative, Chris Favero, a hands-on demonstration using Capitol Dental cases was held at the B&D facility. “The fit accuracy was impeccable. So I did a cost analysis, and we invested in the Origin Pro Duo 7000 5-axis unit,” said Pettus.

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