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Digitally Designed Implant Abutments

Partnering with Straumann to achieve the best outcome every time

When Tom Dippel, owner of Minnesota Dental Laboratory decided to transition from a conventional analog background to operating a digitally integrated production platform, he realized that the learning curve was steeper than imagined. However, his entrepreneurial spirit and innate understanding that trying new things and taking risks are the only ways to learn and grow a business have paid off. Likewise his choice of manufacturing partners has been critical to his success. “My business decision to partner with Straumann was essential to building the implant division of my operation,” he says. Dippel has now become an expert in helping guide customers who are caught outside their comfort zone through the treatment planning, surgical, and restorative phases of implant cases. 

“I can count on the fact that whatever abutment design I create in the CARES Software, it will be exactly what I get back,” says Dippel. “I can count on the fact that the abutments will go back on the model just as I scanned and designed them and on the abutment quality being consistent. Each abutment is returned from Straumann’s centralized milling facility with a validation sticker and you can even see the care and craftsmanship in the return packaging. From start to finish the emphasis on quality is evident.” And if a problem is encountered during the planning, design, or final processes, Dippel relies on Straumann’s technical support team of CDT’s to guide him through. “Support is critical in highly complex cases,” he says.

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