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Delegating for Success

Using Custom Milling Center’s outsourcing services to grow business and expand operations

Brent Rosso, RDT and Vice President of Operations for Frontier Dental Laboratories, has been carefully following and adapting to the rapid changes in production methods and new material options, to adopt those that make business sense. “We don’t mill in house,” says Rosso. “With the rapid advances and improvements in the expensive capital equipment on today’s market, we prefer that someone else carry those hard costs along with staffing and maintenance issues.” Instead Rosso turned to the delicate art of delegation and negotiation with a trusted partner that understands his laboratory’s high expectations and turnaround demands. “I’ve known Bob Miller and the technical staff at CMC [Custom Milling Center] for many years,” says Rosso. “They demonstrated their capabilities to us and we worked out what we needed in terms of quality and turnaround.” At first, Frontier was sending models and outsourcing both the scanning and design to CMC. However, as the volume increased, Rosso realized it made more business sense to purchase 3Shape scanners and invest in staff members who not only have computer skills but also dental technical knowledge to operate them.

“CMC has a two-day comprehensive training program so we sent two of our younger computer-savvy employees to learn the ins-and-outs of CAD software design.” Rosso admits that even with extensive training it took both designers another month or so to hit full speed and be able to complete 30 to 40 units a day by using the simultaneous split screen scan and design technique. But it was worth the investment.

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