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NYCCT Graduates Attend 2nd Annual Course on "No Grind Occlusion"

Posted on June 28, 2012

On June 16, 2012 Rich Pavlak, CDT, MDT, FNGS, presented the 2nd Annual “No Grind Occlusion” course at the NYCCT, CUNY. The event went exceptionally well, and the alumni of Restorative Dentistry, NYCCT, CUNY had a great experience completing two posterior restorations made of zirconia substructure overlaid with Vita VM9 porcelain using the “No Grind Occlusion” technique.

Richard Pavlak who developed “No Grind Occlusion” has been a dental technician almost all of his life. In 1977 Rich established Porcelain-Plus Dental Systems, Inc. His educational background is extensive having trained with some of the most famous clinicians in the world as well as having taught dental technology since 1981. Presently, Rich is a President of MDT Seminars, Inc which has provided advanced training for many dental technicians across the USA. His affiliations include serving as Officer and Fellow at the Northeastern Gnathological Society, Founder of the NGS technical mentoring program, Member of Technical Alliance of the American College of Prosthodontists, Master Aesthetic Technician at the Las Vegas Institute, Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Member of the New Jersey Dental Laboratory Association, Instructor in Advanced Aesthetic Ceramic Course in New York University, just to name a few.

Rich Pavlak’s brilliant idea behind this event was to create a workshop for those graduates of Restorative Dentistry, NYCCT who already left the program and were in the dental field feeling somewhat left out or felt they could use an improvement in porcelain build up techniques. Rich wanted to make sure that all attending technicians know that the DLT field cares about them and wants to retain them indefinitely. It was also Rich who gained the support of corporate sponsors like Anaxdent, Bego, CAP, Harvest Dental, MDT Seminars Inc., Vident, Patterson Dental, Smileline, Vision USA, and Wagner Rotery Instruments to fund the event so it could be presented free of charge to all participants. Vident provided porcelain, ceramic ovens and send tri-state area Senior Sales Representatives, Mickey Wolk, to assist Rich Pavlak during the workshop with the ceramic materials and equipment. CAP provided zirconia copings for all participants. Rey Montes De Oca from Wagner Precision Rotary Instruments spend time during the event to showcase the company’s latest burs, wheels and finishing tools. Other sponsors contributed samples of products and/or funds to cover refreshments and lunch.

Rich Pavlak also invited speakers like John Nacerino, CDT, MDT a well-known area dental technician and successful lab owner with his laboratory located in White Plains, NY who employs graduates of Restorative Dentistry program, NYCCT and happens to be the program’s big supporter. Further, Rich also invited Keyon Jack, CDT, MDT, a graduate of Restorative Dentistry program, presently up and coming national speaker, and a very successful dental technician who works very closely with Peter Pizzi in Peter Pizzi Dental Studio on Staten Island, NY. Rich, John and Keyon did an excellent job in motivating the participants and describing their own often-rough road through ups and down of the industry and work environment they found themselves in. Just like any other profession, the field of dental laboratory technology comes with it’s own obstacles. Having a knowledge and understanding of what may come ahead definitely helped the participants feel more accepting of what they may encounter on their paths to success.

The NYCCT graduates took advantage of the entire workshop and were not disappointed. They walked out with two full posterior ceramic restorations they completed on their own, lunch, variety of dental samples from the corporate sponsors, and the CDT continuation credits provided through VIDENT. All participants were very grateful for the opportunity to partake in this very unique event. Prof. Renata Budny, CDT, MDT, who organized the event of behalf of Department of Restorative Dentistry and the Office of Alumni Relations, NYCCT, CUNY would like to express the gratitude to Rich Pavlak for giving his time and expertise, to the sponsoring companies for support, and to all involved for advancing the knowledge and creating this wonderful experience for the graduates of Restorative Dentistry in NYCCT as well as sustaining the future of dental laboratory technology.


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