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Minnesota Governor Signs Bill for Laboratory Regulation!

Posted on May 7, 2012

Bill SF 288 Dental Laboratory Regulation has now been signed into law by the governor of Minnesota. The new law requires: Any dental laboratory physically located in the state of Minnesota to be issued a unique identification number and register with the state Board of Dentistry every two years, with an initial registration fee of $50 for the first two years and $25 every two years following;  dentists practicing in the state of Minnesota must use the services of Minnesota registered dental laboratories for work performed in the state but dentists can direct a non-registered laboratory outside the state to manufacture or repair a prosthesis; laboratories must disclose the country of origin for where the technological work was performed in whole or in part as well as the name, address, and registration number of the laboratory performing the services either directly or indirectly; laboratories to provide dentists with a material content notice for each prosthetic appliance including the FDA compliancy of those materials to be included in the patient record (if the dentist uses an out-of-state laboratory, in-house laboratory, or manufactures or performs the repair on a prosthetic, it is the dentist's responsibility to obtain material content data, country of origin, and FDA material compliance to be included in the patient record. If a registered laboratory subcontracts services of another laboratory, the laboratory performing the work must provide the registered laboratory with a material content notice and country of origin). The effective date of the bill is January 1, 2013.