Obtaining A Better Bite With The Andra Gauge™

Posted on June 12, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY, June 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Kosmo Technologies has developed the only three-axis bite registration gauge that quickly and accurately provides the dental laboratory with the exact location of the construction dental bite. This device delivers the best fitting oral appliance for even fundamental dental bites for crowns, implants, sleep, and TMD/TMJ appliances as well as splints and all other orthodontics. Recently recognized as a finalist as the Stoel Rives Utah Innovation Awards for Medical Devices, Kosmo Technologies has created a product that can now reproduce and hold the position of the mandible in relation to the maxilla in 3 dimensions.

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This accuracy and ease-of-use allows dentists to quickly and easily capture the optimal position of the mandible. Once sent to the laboratory, the Andra Gauge™ simply describes the position to the oral appliance fabricator allowing the laboratory to create an oral appliance that is more comfortable and helpful to the patient. The gauge accuracy allows the dentist to increase productivity by reducing rework or repeat patient visits.

Typically, dental laboratories can experience an 80% failure rate due to miscommunication from the construction bite. This leaves the dental laboratory to make assumptions that should not be required especially when millimeters matter. The Andra Gauge™ allows the dentist or other medical practitioner to clearly communicate in three dimensions the location of the mandible in relationship to the maxilla including the critical locations of the midline and vertical positions of the bite. Steve Gross, President of Space Maintainers, has stated, "When clients send models in for an appliance with a functional plane of occlusion such as a sleep appliance or a splint, a proper construction bite is necessary to properly mount the models and fabricate an appliance that matches the patient's exact vertical and AP position. When our client's use an Andra Gauge™ for taking a bite registration our technicians can easily match the right position, leading to an overall more comfortable accurate appliance which save our clients valuable chair time."

The Andra Gauge's versatility makes it useful in the fabrication of orthodontic splints from sleep apnea oral appliances to sports enhancement mouth guards. When micro-millimeter settings can make the difference in comfort, utility and health, the Andra Gauge™ is the device of choice that should be used to capture an exact bite registration.

For further details on this product as well as informative video instructions for use, you can visit Kosmo Technologies' website at: www.AndraGauge.com

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