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anaxdent Launches Progressive Implant Prosthetics CE Program

Posted on June 20, 2012

Progressive technicians Joshua Polansky and Jaro Urbanski partner with anaxdent North America to launch a unique course on new techniques and concepts for all-on-4 implant restorations. The course, titled “Gen 2 Implant Prosthetics,” is a comprehensive look into how modern materials and innovative techniques empower technicians with enhanced options for their implant clients and increased productivity in the laboratory.

The 2-day, 16-hour curriculum covers each stage of treatment through lecture, live demonstration, and hands-on practice including duplication of a denture to create a scanning appliance and surgical guide, capture of information from the diagnostic wax-up, injection fabrication of an esthetic temporary restoration, framework design and wax-up, and injection fabrication of a final restoration in all-composite or acrylic and denture teeth.

Courses are scheduled in New York, Miami, New Orleans, and Denver throughout the remainder of 2012. The first courses took place at UCLA School of Dentistry and Champions Crown and Bridge Lab in Houston, Texas and proved to be an inspirational experience for all in attendance.  

“Excellent course! So many useful techniques and information that make my life much easier,” said Jungo Endo, RDT, after attending the course held at UCLA where he is an instructor of Advanced Prosthodontics.

anaxdent North America, a subsidiary of anaxdent GmbH, now offers all anaxdent core products, including premium acrylics, composites, silicones, and flasking systems, directly to North American laboratories and clinics.

Contact anaxdent North America for more details. Phone: 855.262.9336. Email: