New Dental Implant With Built-in Reservoir Reduces Risk for Infections

Posted on January 20, 2017

A multidisciplinary team of researchers at KU Leuven (University of Leuven, Belgium) has developed a dental implant that gradually releases drugs from a built-in reservoir. This helps prevent and fight infections.

Our mouth contains many micro-organisms, including bacterial and fungal pathogens. On traditional dental implants, these pathogens can quickly form a so-called biofilm, which is resistant to antimicrobial drugs like antibiotics. As a result, these implants come with a significant risk of infections that may be difficult to treat.

KU Leuven researchers have now developed a new dental implant that reduces the risk of infections. "Our implant has a built-in reservoir underneath the crown of the tooth," explains lead author Kaat De Cremer. "A cover screw makes it easy to fill this reservoir with antimicrobial drugs. The implant is made of a porous composite material, so that the drugs gradually diffuse from the reservoir to the outside of the implant, which is in direct contact with the bone cells. As a result, the bacteria can no longer form a biofilm."

In the lab, the implant was subjected to various tests for use with chlorhexidine, a universal mouthwash with a powerful antimicrobial effect. The study shows that the Streptococcus mutans, a type of mouth bacteria that affect the teeth, can no longer form biofilms on the outside of the implant when the reservoir is filled with the mouthwash. Biofilms that were grown beforehand on the implant could be eliminated in the same way. This means that the implant is effective in terms of both preventing and curing infections.

LabStar's First Upgrades & Features for 2017

Posted on January 20, 2017

LabStar’s first upgrades and new features for 2017 have been released. Some of the notable improvements include:

- New tooth arch that’s easier to use, eliminates old bridge case entry restrictions, and displays perfectly on iPads

Patient appointment time easier to use on case flow calendar

Invoice "subtotal" and "total" display streamlined

The Digital Transfer "Downloads" tab now highlights undownloaded files plus other navigation improvements

Improved/faster printing format for balance snapshot, production reports, and all delivery lists

New "ship date" column for administrative users in production search results

Tom Love Joins PREAT as Technical Manager

Posted on January 19, 2017

Tom Love, an Air Force-trained technician with 25 years of experience in complex implant and attachment cases, has joined the PREAT team as Technical Manager. “He brings technical experience, a belief in servicing our customers, and fits the culture of the PREAT family. I’m excited to have Tom spearhead our expansion,” said PREAT President Chris Bormes.

Tom will be responsible for maintaining PREAT’s commitment to excellent technical service to customers, new product development, digital support, and laboratory relationship development.

Platinium 3D Showcases Newest 3D Printer from Prodways

Posted on January 19, 2017

On Friday, January 20, at the Champagne-Ardenne Technological Industries Training Center’s event, “Commission Industrie,” Platinum 3D introduced the newest addition to its line-up: the 3D printer ProMaker L6000 from Prodways, Thanks to its high production capacity combined with a high level of precision, this industrial 3D printer offers potential for industrial tooling applications.

Based on MOVINGLight® technology, patented by Prodways, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, the ProMaker L6000 functions by executing the polymerization of photosensitive resins using moving DLP (digital light processing) UV rays, delivering a unique combination of high resolution and fast throughput. Platinium 3D also held several technical discussions at the Commission Industrie regarding possibilities provided by MOVINGLight® technology, mainly in the fields of machine operations, foundry tooling, plastics processing, and industrial control.

Platinium 3D is a technological and scientific platform dedicated to the production of metallic parts through additive manufacturing processes. Open to all (companies, public and private laboratories, technical centers, training centers, etc) and equipped with significant training and research & development tools, Platinium 3D supports its customers in the industrialization of additive manufacturing processes, most notably in the key fields of tooling, wearing parts, and high dimension parts.


Hu-Friedy Announces Acquisition of J. Palmero Sales Company

Posted on January 19, 2017

CHICAGO (January 13, 2017)– Hu-Friedy, a global leader in the manufacturing of dental instruments and products, today announced the acquisition of J. Palmero Sales Company, a family-run dental products company located in Stratford, Connecticut. Palmero, which was founded in 1931 by Joe Palmero, offers a wide range of infection prevention and safety products for the dental office.

The acquisition represents a continuation of Hu-Friedy’s strategy to expand into product categories and markets that align with growth objectives. Over the last three years, the company has acquired multiple brands, including J and J Instruments, Julius Wirth and Karl Schumacher. As Hu-Friedy continues to be the leader in infection control management, acquiring Palmero augments the company’s product line and represents a sound strategic fit.

“J. Palmero is a family-owned company, and we are proud to have been entrusted to carry on and build upon the legacy of the Palmero brand,” said Ron Saslow, CEO of Hu-Friedy.  “This acquisition plays an important role in driving our continued growth, while expanding the range of infection prevention and safety products we offer to the global dental market,” continued Saslow. “We believe we can add considerable value to the Palmero business by developing a strong marketing and sales strategy, and we will help their brand become even more successful in their market segment.”

Karen Neiner, Vice President of Corporate Development and Professional Relations at Hu-Friedy will lead this new venture as President, while continuing in her current role. As with previous acquisitions, Hu-Friedy and Palmero will operate mostly independently with separate brand identities, value propositions and operations.

Hu-Friedy is proud to celebrate this accomplishment as it helps support the organization’s mission of improving lives by advancing dental performance – smile after smile.


Dental Patients Prefer Propofol for Sedation

Posted on January 19, 2017

Everyone wants less pain during dental surgery, but it can be challenging for dentists to choose the best drug option for each patient. Dentists have several general anesthesia alternatives and finding the right option can result in less patient anxiety and better overall outcomes.

Researchers from the Tokyo Dental College in Tokyo, Japan, wanted to find out which anesthetic was the better choice in a dental office: propofol or sevoflurane. In an article published in the current issue of the journal Anesthesia Progress, the researchers compared the recovery and satisfaction of 20 patients who had severe anxiety about the dental surgery. All patients were healthy, and none had been given general anesthesia for prior dental treatment.

At two different appointments, each patient was anesthetized with either propofol or sevoflurane alone.  Patients were given the same drug to eliminate any movement and a breathing tube was used. The single-drug anesthetic had never been studied; patients were always given opioids or nitrous oxide to keep them anesthetized throughout the procedure, making it difficult to pinpoint the effects of the primary painkilling drugs themselves.

The researchers found no differences between the two drugs in terms of recovery. Although patients came out of anesthesia more quickly with sevoflurane than with propofol, all patients were discharged at a similar time. A few patients had nausea while recovering from sevoflurane, but none reported complications 24 hours later. All patients were able to eat their first meal and drink fluids at a similar time, and no patients experienced nausea or vomiting once leaving the dentists’ office.

However, patients revealed a clear preference for propofol after being anesthetized with each drug. They said they had more discomfort and fatigue after taking sevoflurane. Some also said they disliked the smell of sevoflurane. Even though some patients reported more pain during injection of propofol, 80% of patients in the study said they would choose propofol for future surgeries.

The researchers concluded that propofol is the anesthetic of choice for dental patients with severe anxiety about surgery, but these patients may continue to need general anesthesia in future surgeries. When patient satisfaction is the highest priority, the researchers suggest that dentists may want to give propofol during in-office surgery.

Full text of the article “Recovery Profile and Patient Satisfaction After Ambulatory Anesthesia for Dental Treatment—A Crossover Comparison Between Propofol and Sevoflurane,” Anesthesia Progress, Vol. 63, No. 4, 2016, is now available at

CareCredit Celebrates 30 Years of Making Healthcare Possible

Posted on January 19, 2017

Costa Mesa, Calif. – January 17, 2017– Thirty years ago, CareCreditwas founded on a simple idea: Everyone deserves a smile.

Patients needed a way to help pay for dental implants so they could comfortably enjoy eating and smiling. CareCredit was born and the brand has evolved to be a leading provider of promotional financing to consumers for healthcare procedures and services.

The CareCredit credit card is a flexible payment option available at more than 200,000 locations across the United States, including veterinary, cosmetic, hearing health, dental and vision practices, as well as health-focused retailers such as LensCrafters, Rite-Aid and Bowflex. With nearly $70 billion of care financed since 1987, CareCredit has helped millions of people with everything from their family’s dental and hearing health to veterinary care for their pets.

Along with advances in care, the CareCredit health, wellness and personal care credit card has expanded its breadth of services and reach during the last 30 years:

·      More than 24 million accounts opened since inception.

·      More than 12,000 people apply for a CareCredit card nearly every day to help pay for care.

·      A new cardholder is approved, on average, every 14 seconds.

·      On average, more than 822,000 card acceptance locator searches on every month via desktop and mobile.

·      More than two-thirds of all dental practices and more than 7 out of 10 veterinary practices in the nation accept CareCredit.

“We started so we could help patients move forward with care,” said Dave Fasoli, CEO, CareCredit. “It’s still what keeps us moving forward after 30 years. We’re proud of the fact that we’ve continued to reliably serve healthcare providers and their patients and clients through many changes in the healthcare environment. We help thousands of people every day and millions of people every year. Our focus remains offering our cardholders more ways to use the card, in more places, for more things.”

As part of its 30th anniversary, CareCredit is inviting cardholders to enter the My Best 30 Sweepstakes now through March 31, 2017 by visiting Official Rules for the sweepstakes can be found at Eligible cardholders 18 years of age or older and residents of the United States or its territories as of January 14, 2017 will be invited to submit their story of how CareCredit has helped them, their families or their pets. To celebrate CareCredit’s 30th anniversary, 30 lucky cardholders will be randomly selected from among all eligible entries to win $1,000.

Oral Health America to Honor Milly Goldstein at 27th Annual Gala & Benefit

Posted on January 19, 2017

CHICAGO, January 18 – Oral Health America (OHA) announces that Milly Goldstein will be recognized with the Tribute Award at its 27th Annual Gala & Benefit on February 22, 2017 at Navy Pier in Chicago. Ms. Goldstein served as President of the Harry J. Bosworth Company and is the first female recipient of OHA’s Tribute Award.

Each year, OHA honors an individual whose career significantly impacts oral health on a regional or national level; has been innovative, creative and pioneering; demonstrated positive, measurable change over a sustained period; and achieved success in overcoming barriers to oral health access, education and advocacy.

“Ms. Goldstein more than exemplifies each of these criteria for this award in the most profound ways imaginable,” said Beth Truett, President & CEO for Oral Health America. “Her loyalty to Oral Health America’s mission and work as a Board member and her commitment to the dental industry are exemplified in everything she has accomplished. Ms. Goldstein changed the landscape of the industry as the first female president of a dental company. She was also dedicated to the field as chair of many organizations, including having the honor of serving as the first female chair of the American Dental Trade Association (ADTA). We are grateful for all of the work Ms. Goldstein, along with her husband Herbert Pozen, have done for the industry.”

The Tribute Award is presented during the dinner at OHA’s annual Gala which is recognized as the premier charity event kicking off the Chicago Midwinter Meeting. It will feature a cocktail reception, dinner and dancing, as well as a silent auction.

Tickets for OHA’s Gala are currently on sale. All proceeds underwrite OHA's mission to connect communities with resources to improve access to care, increase health literacy and raise awareness about the importance of oral health's impact on overall health. OHA’s programs serving children and older adults are active in 47 states and one U.S. territory as a result of support received from this annual event. Please join Oral Health America for this year's Gala theme, Broadway: Oral Health Takes Center Stage, and commit to making a difference in the oral health of all Americans, especially those most vulnerable.

The Gala is generously supported by Presenting Sponsor - KaVo Kerr Group; Technology Sponsors - Ivoclar Vivadent and Patterson Dental; Entertainment Sponsor - Henry Schein Dental; Plantinum Sponsors - A-dec Inc., Colgate Palmolive Company, Dentsply Sirona, Philips Oral Healthcare, SciCan and Septodont; Raffle Sponsor - Darby Dental Supply; Dessert Sponsor - Midmark Corporation; Diamond Sponsors - Chicago Dental Society and DentaQuest; Quick Raffle Sponsor - Aspen Dental; Wine Draw Sponsor - DentalEZ Integrated Solutions; and Gold Sponsors - Aurelia Gloves, BISCO, Inc., Burkhart Dental and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health Plan.

ADHA Announces New Managing Editor for Journal of Dental Hygiene

Posted on January 19, 2017

CHICAGO (Jan. 17, 2017) - The American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) is pleased to announce Catherine K. Draper, RDH, MS, as the new managing editor for the organization’s premier, peer-reviewed scientific research publication Journal of Dental Hygiene (JDH). She will work closely with JDH’s editor-in-chief Rebecca Wilder and the editorial advisory board to manage the day-to-day operations of the publication and maintain its high-quality content that provides dental hygienists with the latest research, technology and innovation to guide their evidence-based treatment decisions.

“Cathy is a respected dental hygiene educator and leader both in the U.S. and internationally. Her professional expertise as a journal editor and her contributions to Access magazine as a member of the editorial advisory board made her an excellent choice to be managing editor of our scientific journal,” said ADHA CEO Ann Battrell, MSDH.

Draper is currently adjunct faculty at Foothill College in the Biological and Health Sciences Division and has practiced clinically for the last 30 years in a general, cosmetic and implant practice in Mountain View, Calif. Formerly the editor of the Journal of the California Dental Hygienists’ Association from 2011 to 2016, she has been a member of the editorial advisory board for ADHA’s Access magazine since 2009 and a frequent contributor to a variety of publications including two dental hygiene textbooks. Draper is a past president of the California Dental Hygienists’ Association and has served on the ADHA Board of Trustees as the District XI Trustee. Draper has presented continuing education programs across the country on a variety of topics ranging from the role of human papillomavirus in oropharyngeal cancer, technology, implant maintenance, infection control and evidence-based practice. She has spoken at the International Federation of Dental Hygienists Symposia in South Africa and Switzerland. Her international experience extends to practicing dental hygiene in Croatia and Germany and leading a delegation of dental hygienists to China. In 2015, Draper received the Stanford Healthcare Volunteer of the Year Award for her 20-plus years as a library reference associate at the Stanford Hospital Health Library. She is a graduate of the Foothill College Dental Hygiene program and earned her master’s degree in dental hygiene from the University of Michigan. 

The Journal of Dental Hygiene is published six times per year and delivered to nearly 34,000 dental hygiene professionals. JDH is the standard for dental hygienists looking for the latest information and research to assist them in making evidence-based treatment decisions. ADHA members and paid subscribers have access to the 12 most recent months of content, and archived issues beyond one year are open access.

CareCredit and Henry Schein Financial Services Complete Multi-Year Agreement

Posted on January 19, 2017

COSTA MESA, CA. and MELVILLE, N.Y. – January 19, 2017 – CareCredit, a leading provider of promotional healthcare financing through its health, wellness and personal care credit card, today announced a new multi-year agreement with Henry Schein Financial Services, LLC, a subsidiary of Henry Schein, Inc., the world's largest provider of healthcare products and services to office-based dental, animal health and medical practitioners.

Under the new agreement, CareCredit will provide patient financing services and offer integrated solutions with Henry Schein’s practice management software programs—Dentrix® and Easy Dental® for dental practitioners and AVImark®, ImproMed® Infinity, and ImproMed® Triple Crown® for veterinarians. The added feature will make it convenient for dental and veterinary practices to offer financing options to help patients and pet owners receive needed care and services. The alliance will also include co-marketing programs and collaboration on prospective, value-added services, and the availability of the patient financing services will be promoted by Henry Schein’s field sales consultants.

“This alliance brings together two respected brands that have collectively served the healthcare profession for more than a century,” said Doug Hammond, senior vice president and general manager, CareCredit. “Partnering with Henry Schein and leveraging their credibility and expertise in serving healthcare professionals builds on our sales and technology strengths to provide comprehensive solutions and greater value to dental, veterinary and medical providers nationwide.”

CareCredit research shows the availability of financing options plays a key role in how patients approach their healthcare decisions. According to Path to Purchase healthcare research*, more patients considered or researched financing (73%) than researched procedures or treatments (70%). The same study showed the likelihood of patients applying for or using a healthcare credit card increases as the cost of care increases. Additionally, half of respondents (50%) who did not have a CareCredit credit card stated they would consider financing if it enabled them to purchase the healthcare service, or related items, immediately.

“Healthcare today offers an increased array of treatment options to patients. For some, the biggest obstacle to obtaining treatment may be financing for elective or cosmetic procedures and services that may not be covered by insurance,” said Keith Drayer, vice president, Henry Schein Financial Services. “At Henry Schein, we offer an array of business solutions and our agreement with CareCredit further demonstrates our commitment to help our customers operate more efficient practices so they can focus on delivering quality patient care.”

Henry Schein Financial Services provides business solutions for healthcare practitioners, including equipment leasing and financing, and practice credit card services, practice brokerage, practice valuations and practice transition and staffing services.

*Path to Purchase Research – conducted by Rothstein Tauber, Inc. on behalf of CareCredit, 2014.

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