Sesame October Webinar Schedule Focused on Social Media

Posted on August 15, 2012


Sesame Communications has announced its upcoming webinar schedule:

Date and Time: 10/4 10am Pacific

Presenter:  Boris Kurbanov

Title: Writing for Social Media: Why Content Matters

Synopsis: Attendees will learn how to make blog postings, Facebook status updates, and tweets more relevant, valuable, and interesting to patients and readers.

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Date and Time:  10/11 9am

Presenter: Larry Emmott

Title:  Social Media: Beyond Facebook

Synopsis: This program will help attendees understand and use social media effectively to support their dental practice and guard their online reputations. Topics include: Links, Likes and Logins; What is Social Media?; Grow your Internet Footprint; Reputational Management.

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Date and Time: 10/23 9am  Pacific

Presenter: Suzanne Black

Title:  Quick Tips for Increasing New Patients

Synopsis:  This will cover simple actions practices can take to refresh their web presence and SEO—all with low-cost, easy-to-implement steps designed for quick results including: How To Generate Facebook Likes in 14 Hours or Less; Maximizing the Marketing Tools That Are Already at Your Fingertips; Establishing a Team-Managed Marketing Effort; Enhancing Referrals From Existing Patients; Capturing the Shopper Who is Shopping For You; Creating an Easy-To-Follow, 12-Month Marketing Plan.

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Date and Time:  10/24 9am Pacific

Presenter: Jeff Shearer

Title: Facebook For Your Practice: 20 Ways to Get More “Likes”

Synopsis:  The time is now to start harnessing the power of social media as a marketing channel for your practice. This information-packed Webinar will help practices do that with the top tips in dentistry to optimize your Facebook page, get more likes, engage your current patients, and most of all, attract new patients.

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