CAO Group Launches the First In-Office Whitening Strip with 1-Minute Chair Time

Posted on December 1, 2015

SALT LAKE CITY — December 1, 2015 — The CAO Group (CAO), a world leading, high-technology dental company, has launched Sheer White!® In-Office Teeth Whitening Strips, the world’s first in-office teeth whitening strips with 1-minute chair time during the Greater New York Dental Meeting held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center through December 2.

Sheer White In-Office Teeth Whitening Strips are uniquely designed with CAO’s Comfort Fit Technology™ and require no soft tissue retraction or isolation. The dental professional simply takes one minute of chair time to apply the strips to the patient and then sends them on their way to wear for 30 minutes. Sheer White In-Office Teeth Whitening Strips contain 20% hydrogen peroxide to deliver immediate professional teeth whitening results with minimal time and effort for both the dental practice and their patients. This whitening treatment can easily be performed during a patient’s hygiene appointment with minimal chair time and no additional scheduling needed. To complete the system, a Sheer White Take Home whitening strip kit can be provided to the patient to enhance their in office whitening treatment at home. The Sheer White Complete Whitening Strip System can help offices grow their practice and increase patient satisfaction.

“Our new Sheer White In-Office strips along with Sheer White Take Home strips, Henry Schein’s No.1 selling take-home whitening strips, becomes a complete whitening strip system that will revolutionize professional teeth whitening. Starting with Sheer White In-Office strips in the office and finishing with Sheer White Take Home strips will whiten a patient’s teeth up to 8 shades in 5 days. The simple application of the strips - only one minute of chair time - and the comfort of wearing the strips anytime, anywhere, will delight both dental professional and their patients,” said Dr. Densen Cao, CEO and founder of CAO.

Sheer White Whitening Strips are made of a thin, flexible, moldable material that closely adapts to all shapes of teeth and the revolutionary and gelatinous formulation makes the strip adhere to every surface, holding the whitening ingredient against the tooth surface without any leakage. As a result, Sheer White Whitening strips whiten faster and better with little sensitivity. Sheer White strips are so comfortable to wear that patients can go about their normal routine, speak normally, and even have a drink while wearing Sheer White strips.

The Sheer White Complete Whitening Strip System is a great value as well. Without the cost of in-office procedures and time and competitive product pricing, the dental professional can generate significant revenue and profit or their practice while offering substantial savings to their patients.

For more information about Sheer White Complete Teeth Whitening System, visit Sheer White products are exclusively distributed by Henry Schein, Inc., the world’s largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental, animal health and medical practitioners. Contact your local Henry Schein representatives for product info and ordering, or call 1-800-372-4346.

About CAO Group, Inc.

The CAO Group, Inc. (CAO), is a world leading, high technology company that develops medical, dental, veterinary and forensic products and solutions. CAO is a leading innovator in dental materials and devices, with more than 150 issued and pending patents for its products, which focus on methods and results that are easier, faster and better. The CAO Group, which was founded in 2000 by Dr. Densen Cao, is headquartered in West Jordan (Salt Lake City), Utah. For more information, visit the CAO website at

Ultradent Products, Inc. Introduces the Gemini™ 810 + 980 Soft Tissue Laser

Posted on December 1, 2015

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah, November 30, 2015– Ultradent Products Inc. proudly introduces the Gemini™ 810 + 980 Soft Tissue Laser—dentistry’s first dual-wavelength soft tissue diode laser with 20 watts of peak super-pulsed power and a stunning, fully transparent electroluminescent display. No matter the procedure, the innovative Gemini laser makes it faster, smoother, and more efficient.

Thanks to the Gemini’s 810 + 980 dual wave technology, the laser combines the optimal melanin absorption of the 810nm wavelength with the optimal water absorption of the 980nm wavelength, making this laser the first and only laser of its kind. Additionally, the 20 watts of peak super-pulsed power Gemini provides allows for faster, smoother cutting. Its sleek, innovative, stunning transparent electroluminescent display comes with 19 preset procedures to enhance ease of use. The tip of the handpiece illuminates, providing better visibility at the surgical site. Gemini also comes with a wireless foot pedal, and battery operation allows for convenient movement from operatory to operatory. The handpiece is autoclavable, allowing for simple sterilization between procedures.

To learn more about the Gemini 810 + 980 Soft Tissue Laser, please call 800.552.5512, or visit

About Ultradent Products, Inc.

Ultradent Products, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-tech dental materials, devices, and instruments worldwide. Ultradent’s vision is to improve oral health globally. Ultradent even works to improve the quality of life and health of individuals through financial and charitable programs. For more information about Ultradent, call 800.552.5512 or visit


AEGIS Communications reporting from Greater New York Dental Meeting

Posted on December 1, 2015

Mark Macaulay reports from the 2015 Greater New York Dental Meeting.

ADA President and Hermey the Elf Announce New Holiday Campaign

Posted on December 1, 2015

SANTA'S CASTLE — In a first of its kind summit, American Dental Association (ADA) President Carol Summerhays, D.D.S., traveled from California to meet with Hermey the Elf, D.D.G. in Santa’s Castle to address poor dental health behaviors around the holidays. In a joint press conference following the meeting, Hermey and Dr. Summerhays announced their new campaign, Happy and Healthy Holiday Tips.

Dr. Summerhays and Hermey, well known for his adventures with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, discussed the importance of staying healthy during the holidays, and agreed that an educational campaign could do wonders for Hermey’s friends in the North Pole and beyond. The meeting took place in Santa’s Castle in the morning over a healthy breakfast and lasted through the afternoon, longer than expected.

In 2014, the ADA granted Hermey a D.D.G. (Dental Do Gooder) certificate for his passion for dentistry and devotion to helping others. Since then, Hermey has been working to help families learn about good dental health.

“Hermey’s passion for healthy teeth is unmatched,” said Dr. Summerhays. “We made great progress at our meeting and are very proud to announce our new joint campaign. Happy and Healthy Holiday Tips will educate people on how to stay healthy around the holidays. I look forward to working with Hermey on this project.”

Happy and Healthy Holiday Tips include:

Have a routine. Hermey always brushes his teeth two times a day, for two minutes, and you should too! It’s what keeps your mouth healthy in December and all year long. Make sure to use a fluoride toothpaste that has earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

Choose the carrots. (That means you, Santa!) Cookies and sweets are nice holiday treats, but instead of reaching for another candy cane, take a cue from Rudolph and eat the carrots.

Don’t forget the dentist! The holidays can be a busy time, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about your teeth. If you are due for a teeth cleaning or need work done, don’t forget to visit your dentist in December.

Drink water. You need a lot of energy for holiday activities, but avoid drinking sodas, sports drinks and juices with lots of sugar. Instead, drink water with fluoride in it to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Protect your teeth. Wear a mouthguard whenever you play sports – or reindeer games – this winter.

For more information on Hermey the Elf, D.D.G, Happy and Healthy Holiday Tips, and all he is doing to help people stay healthy,

CDHA Raises Awareness for Oral Hygiene Care in Alzheimer's Patients

Posted on December 1, 2015

SACRAMENTO, CA (PRWEB) In honor of National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, CDHA has collaborated with The Alzheimer's Association to discuss the oral hygiene needs of these patients. CDHA would like to emphasize the importance of the RDH and RDHAP as primary care providers for this population. “Registered Dental Hygienists in Alternative Practice (RDHAP)” can travel to and treat patients in nursing homes, residential care homes, and private homes of homebound people. They can come to you” states Heidi Coggan RDHAP. Some RDHAPs even have their own walk-in practices in dental shortage areas. RDHAPs are specifically trained in caring for those suffering from Alzheimer's, and can treat the patient in their place of residence.

Good oral hygiene is important for overall health and well-being. Because Alzheimer’s and dementiaare conditions that grow progressively worse over time, it is important to establish a dental care program soon after the diagnosis. The program should help to improve oral health and reduce the risk of developing poor dental health. “It is important that the person with dementia is given the opportunity to make, or take part in, decisions about dental treatment. The dentist or hygienist should explain to the person in simple terms what is being done and why. Short sentences that are phrased in a way where the person can answer 'yes' or 'no' can be effective,” states CDHA President Lygia Jolley, RDH, BA. “Oral hygiene may often be overlooked,” continues Jolley, “but it's a crucial part of keeping Alzheimer's patients as comfortable and healthy as possible.” Older people in general tend to have dental problems that cause pain or make it hard to chew, swallow, and speak. Such problems become even more common when a person forgets how to use a toothbrush or how to keep dentures clean.

Early stages of Dementia/Alzheimer’s 

In the early stages of dementia, oral care can be accomplished individually, with supervision from a caregiver as needed. It is very important to establish a daily care routine in the early stages of dementia. To aid in this daily care, an electric toothbrush or a toothbrush with an adapted handle to improve grip, may be beneficial.

The RDH or RDHAP may be able to advise the person and/or caregiver on the best methods for preventing tooth decay and gum disease. This may include a prescription, high-concentration fluoride toothpaste used daily, and/or regular application of fluoride varnish. Fluoride can be applied by the RDH/RDHAP every three to four months.

Middle Stages of Dementia/Alzheimer’s 

During this stage, the person may be relatively physically healthy, but cognitive abilities are greatly reduced. The focus of oral treatment at this stage is the prevention of further dental disease: gum disease and tooth decay that can progress to a condition that requires root canal therapy or extractions. These dental conditions can leave the patient with even more severely compromised dental, mental, and physical health.

With regards to treatment, some patients at this stage may require some form of sedation for their dental treatment. The decision will be based on the individual's dental treatment needs, general health, social support, and ability to co-operate. It is during this stage that issues regarding consent to treatment may arise.

Later Stages 

As dementia and/or Alzheimer’s progresses, the person may lose the ability to clean their teeth, or lose interest in doing so. Caregivers may need to assume this task, and a hygienist can provide guidance and support on how to assist in cleaning another person's teeth. The technique will vary depending on the individual concerned. Generally, the easiest way is for the patient with dementia to sit on a straight-backed chair with the caregiver standing behind. The caregiver supports the person against their body, cradling the patient’s head with one arm. They can then brush the patient's teeth using a dry toothbrush and a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. If the patient doesn’t get agitated, using an electric toothbrush can be more effective and easier.

During the middle and late stages of Alzheimer's, oral hygiene care may become even more challenging. The person may forget what to do with toothpaste, how to rinse, or may be resistant to assistance from others. CDHA offers the following tips, provide short, simple instructions, use the "watch me" technique and hold a toothbrush to show the patient how to brush his or her teeth. Keep the patient’s teeth and mouth clean by brushing twice daily, use different types of toothbrushes, but always soft bristled, and floss daily using a “proxabrush” when necessary.

Be Aware of Dental Pain or Conditions 

The time may come when the Alzheimer’s patient is unable to communicate that they are experiencing pain or discomfort in their mouth or teeth. They will need to rely on others to notice and interpret their behavior and to arrange a visit to the dentist if necessary. There are several behavioral changes that may indicate that someone with dementia is experiencing dental problems. These may include: 

  •     refusal to eat (particularly hard or cold foods) or strained facial expressions while eating

  •     frequent pulling at the face or mouth

  •     leaving previously worn dentures out of their mouth

  •     increased restlessness, moaning or shouting

  •     disturbed sleep

  •     refusal to take part in daily activities

  •     aggressive behavior

If there is no explanation for the change in behavior, arrangements should be made to identify the cause, and should include a dental assessment as part of the process. If the person's dementia reaches a point where their dentist can no longer manage their treatment needs, they might be referred to an RDHAP or to a geriatric dentistry specialist with experience caring for Alzheimer’s patients. These services act as a safety net for people who are unable to receive care from a general dental practitioner or have limited ability to travel. The RDHAP’s are trained to provide dental care for people with disabilities and complex medical conditions in the comfort of their own home or long term care facility. Kari Walker, Director of Education for the Alzheimer's Association Orange County Chapter adds, "We appreciate the attention that is being brought to the importance of dental health for persons with dementia. Because Alzheimer's disease often prevents a person from being able to communicate basic oral discomfort in the early stages, many people develop more severe dental complications which could have been prevented.” Working out a long term oral health care plan with an RDH or RDHAP at the time of diagnosis is imperative to maintain the oral health of those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The California Dental Hygienists’ Association recommends visiting its website for more information and to find an RDHAP near you:

Attention Dental Innovators: Edison Awards Accepting Entries from Dental Community

Posted on November 30, 2015

PITTSTON, PA — November 30, 2015 — Follow the leaders.  The first battery-operated, handheld intra-oral X-Ray system, first FDA approved, CO2 9.3 micron dental laser for hard and soft tissue, and first 45 degree electric attachment handpiece paved the way for dental innovations everywhere in 2015.  Earlier this year, these dental revolutions were spotlighted during the prestigious Edison Awards™ gala in New York when The Edison Awards which has recognized advances such as the Apple ipad; Keurig Vue® single cup brewing system;  and OnStar For My Vehicle (FMV)— added a dental category.

Groundbreaking discoveries in dentistry, and their creators, earning Gold, Silver and Bronze, included: Vatech, 3M, 3D Systems, Aribex, Convergent Dental, Kerr Endodontics, Olympus Corporation of the Americas, NSK, Molar Media Mount, Benco Dental, and Inventionstring.

Nominate a product or service for an Edison Award or Edison Green Award to achieve this distinguished status and gain entrée into this elite circle of visionaries that features previous winners, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing.

Download the 2015 Nomination Guide and complete the online Nomination Form: Final deadline is December 4, 2015. Follow the instructions on the form, and submit your nomination, along with the entry fee, as directed. Winners will be announced during the April 2016 Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner.

For the second year, Incisal Edge, the leading lifestyle magazine for dental professionals aligns with The Edison Awards in globally recognizing, honoring and fostering innovation and innovators to create a positive impact in the world.  Here’s how: Edison will feature categories honoring the year’s most innovative dental equipment, merchandise and technology. They’ll screen all nominees to determine the finalists, who will be featured in the spring issue of Incisal Edge.

Magazine's founders Chuck Cohen and Rick Cohen discussed the collaboration: “Incisal Edge applauds the lifestyle of dental professionals and their desire to achieve great things for their patients and themselves. What could be better than the broad national recognition of the Edison Awards –- the definitive honor for innovation in our field?”

Published by Benco Dental, Incisal Edge celebrates dentists’ achievements both inside the operatory and during their hard-earned downtime.  For additional information, visit:

Wichita Dentist Joins Acclaimed Dental Clinical Education Program

Posted on November 30, 2015

TEMPE, Ariz. Nov 19, 2015 -- Dr. Eric Farmer joins dental continuing education program Clinical Mastery Series as a member of the Clinical Faculty, bringing his 25 years of experience practicing general and esthetic dentistry in Wichita, Kansas to the acclaimed team. Dr. Farmer will contribute his enthusiasm for complex cases that involve working in a collaborative relationship with specialists.

“From about 2008 to the present day I have accumulated about 800 hours in CE. When you get excited about what you do, there is a natural instinct to want to learn more,” says Dr. Farmer. “My passion is patient care and the difference we can make in our patients’ lives. I am also passionate about the people who make up my team.”

Graduating from University of Nebraska College of Dentistry in 1991, Dr. Farmer has spent his career building a well-rounded practice that enables him to do complete dentistry. Alongside his fast-paced, high-energy practice, Dr. Farmer is a past president of the Wichita District Dental Society and is currently on the Board of Delegates of the Kansas Dental Association.

For much of the first half of his career, Dr. Farmer considered continuing education a hoop to be jumped through. “I took a few of the popular continuums over the years and they left me uninspired and frankly a bit intimidated by the instructors and [I] never really felt like I left a course with real tools that I would be able to incorporate into my practice.”

Dr. Farmer’s perspective changed in 2008 when he took his first course with CMS. He says, “Having already taken a multitude of occlusion courses my expectation was that I would get my 16 hours and move on. What I discovered is that they provided the critical pieces for me to all of a sudden integrate all that I had learned in 17 years of practice.”

“We are honored to have Dr. Eric Farmer join our team. His commitment and passion are evident and he’s a great addition to the team,” says Clinical Director Dr. John Nosti.

Clinical Mastery Series is a leader in dental clinical education, empowering dentists to master restorative skills and business practices through a broad base of instruction opportunities and an acclaimed faculty including Director of Education Dr. Lee Ann Brady, Clinical Director, Dr. John Nosti, Director of Aesthetics and Photography, Dr. Jason Olitsky and Faculty Director, Dr. Michael Smith. Visit their website at

Kurtz Installed as Representative for the ACP Council for the American Board of Prosthodontics

Posted on November 30, 2015

CHICAGO, Nov. 25, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The American College of Prosthodontists (ACP) has installed Kenneth S. Kurtz, DDS, FACP, as its Maxillofacial Prosthodontist representative on the ACP Council for the American Board of Prosthodontics (ABP). Dr. Kurtz was sworn in during the 45th Annual Session of the ACP held in Orlando from Oct. 21-24, 2015.

Dr. Kurtz, based at Academic Prosthodontics of Long Island in New Hyde Park, N.Y., is a board- certified Prosthodontist specializing in implant, esthetic and reconstructive dentistry. His practice, Academic Prosthodontics is located at 700 Hillside Avenue, Suite 3, in New Hyde Park, N.Y. It is a group specialty practice, which includes the founder, Dr. Joel T. Gluck and two of Dr. Kurtz's former students at NYU College of Dentistry (NYUCD), Dr. Terry Lin, DDS, MS, FACP, and Dr. Dana Marzocco, DMD. Both Drs. Kurtz and Lin are board-certified in prosthodontics, and have additional fellowship training in the maxillofacial prosthetics sub-specialty.

Dr. Kurtz is a Clinical Professor and Director of the Division of Maxillofacial Prosthetics at the Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine, Director of the Maxillofacial Prosthetics Section, Graduate Prosthodontics-New York Hospital-Queens, and Director of Prosthodontic Research at the Graduate Prosthodontic program at Montefiore Medical Center/AECOM. Dr. Kurtz also serves as an attending Maxillofacial Prosthodontist at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, and is appointed as a Clinical Professor in the Department of Dental Medicine at the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine.

"Being elected to serve on the ACP Council for the ABP is an honor and a responsibility to serve the ACP Membership with regards to the future of the specialty," said Dr. Kurtz. 

"Voices In America" with James Earl Jones Set to Highlight Cosmetic Dentistry for Public Television

Posted on November 30, 2015

(PRWEB) NOVEMBER 27, 2015 A simply groundbreaking television series, "Voices in America", which is hosted by Hollywood legend, James Earl Jones, is an interesting show that delves into an array of issues that are presently affecting Americans. Dedicated to providing the world with a wide variety of topics that could benefit from open dialogue, this show is changing the subjects consumers focus on, one episode at a time.

In the latest installment currently in development, the program will be taking an in-depth look into the world of cosmetic dentistry. A relatively new sector within the field of dentistry, many find the topic of cosmetic dentistry to be controversial as it is often viewed as an issue of vanity, rather than necessity. Nevertheless, the cosmetic dentistry industry is booming. The question as to whether it is truly out of a wish to look better, or if people have medical-based reasons for seeking out these services will be broached and discussed with dental professionals. "Voices In America" seeks to take a closer look at issues such as who truly needs it, who is being denied it, the overall commonality of it, the most common procedures, as well as what advances are being made in the field for the future.

"Voices In America" is an independent production. The show is distributed to Public Television Stations across America to be broadcast at their discretion. "Voices In America" is not a production of APT or PBS and is not related to those organizations.

ConnectDental Pavilion at GNYDM: The Next Step In Digital Dentistry

Posted on November 25, 2015

MELVILLE, N.Y., Nov. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Henry Schein, Inc., the world's largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental, medical and animal health practitioners, will unveil at the Greater New York Dental (GNYDM) Meeting the Henry Schein ConnectDental® Pavilion, which brings together for the first time the industry's broadest array of open solutions designed to help any practice or laboratory enter the digital age.

For practitioners considering integrating digital technology solutions into their practice or laboratory, the Pavilion provides a full suite of innovative, integrated solutions, services and support, as well as global experts who have successfully incorporated digital dentistry and experienced increased efficiency and enhanced patient care. Click here for a schedule of experts appearing at the Pavilion.

Debuting for the first time at the GNYDM meeting, which takes place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center from November 27 - December 2, the Henry Schein ConnectDental Pavilion is designed to educate and encourage practitioners to harness the power of digital dental technology for the benefit of the patient and the practice. The Pavilion will showcase open-architecture solutions ranging from digital intraoral scanners, milling and printing devices and materials, to Conebeam 3D imaging, practice management and digital laboratory solutions. Visitors to the Pavilion will also see how Henry Schein's "Practice Analysis Tool" can help identify tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of a practice. In addition, the "ConnectDental Cafe" located within the Pavilion will offer a comfortable spot for visitors to engage with visiting industry experts to learn how these visionaries have incorporated these digital solutions into their practice to deliver an enhanced patient experience. 

"Two years ago, Henry Schein unveiled its vision for the future of digital dentistry, and we have made great progress in realizing that vision, most recently through our ConnectDental solution," said Stanley M. Bergman, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Henry Schein, Inc. "ConnectDental is a patient-centric model that delivers a complete solution, which represents a transformational change in the dental community. The Henry Schein ConnectDental Pavilion reinforces our mission and commitment to focus on practice care, so that our customers can focus on patient care."  

The Pavilion includes a number of Henry Schein's valued supplier partners offering digital dental solutions, and also displays a variety of key products and services. 3M, 3Shape, 360imaging, Bego, Custom Milling Center (CMC), Dental Wings, DDX®, Dentrix®, Glidewell Laboratories, iSy® by Camlog, Ivoclar Vivadent, KaVo Kerr Group, Katana, Planmeca, VHF and Zirlux® are among those highlighted in the Pavilion.

"Relationships founded on trust with our customers and supplier partners lie at the heart of ConnectDental," said Jim Breslawski, President, Henry Schein, Inc., and CEO, Global Dental Group.  "The supplier partners of ConnectDental represent the vanguard of the digital dental era.  All of us at Henry Schein are proud to represent their products in the marketplace and to demonstrate their significant benefits to our customers." 

Reinforcing that the first step into digital dentistry is through ConnectDental, the Henry Schein ConnectDental Pavilion is located just steps away from the Crystal Palace entrance to the Javits Center on the main floor outside the Exhibit Hall. More than 53,000 people are expected to attend the meeting.

"As the largest dental meeting in the United States, the Greater New York Dental Meeting is the ideal location to unveil this exciting new Pavilion," said Dr. Robert Gottlander, Vice President, Global Prosthetic Solutions for Henry Schein, Inc. "The Pavilion is a wonderful educational engagement environment for digital dentistry and a great gateway into the larger world of Henry Schein's offering, represented in our main booth in the Exhibit Hall.  It is a must-see for practitioners interested in the significant benefits that digital dentistry can provide to their patients." Click here to view Dr. Gottlander speak about the Henry Schein ConnectDental Pavilion.

In addition to the Pavilion, the full line of Henry Schein's dental offering is showcased at several booths throughout the GNYDM Exhibit Hall, including Equipment/Technology (#4225), Henry Schein ProRepair (#4431), Merchandise / Exclusives (#4636), Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions (#4633), Henry Schein Practice Solutions (#4627), Zirlux and Digital Materials (#4330), Glove Club (#2405) and Henry Schein Dental Surgical Solutions/Camlog (#4230).

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