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'Chat Pilot' Enables Professional Practices to Chat Online with Patients

Posted on August 9, 2012


DENVER—August 2012—US-based Ace Chat, which provides live Internet chat support for its clients, helps small businesses and professionals grow by enabling their website visitors to interact in real-time with an “Ace Chat Pilot” – an agent trained to act as an extension of each individual client’s office or business.

The chat pilots are skilled in interacting with both established patients and customers, and excel at extending a warm welcome.  They work to build an immediate relationship with site visitors, and are prepared to answer questions from a personalized database created for each individual client.  Every chat transcript with identifying lead information is emailed immediately to the client and desired members of their support staff, along with a brief description of the chat and lead information highlighted.

Based in Denver, the company has discovered that a considerable number of online visitors are excited about the opportunity to make appointments or ask questions about a company or practice, particularly when their work or home schedules are not conducive to phone conversations.

Ace Chat guarantees that under no condition will any incoming chat be outsourced overseas or to a call center.  Every chat will be handled with professionalism by a carefully selected and individually trained Ace Chat Pilot working here in the United States.

Learn more about live-support services offered by chatting directly with an Ace Chat Pilot at their website at or call them directly at 720-722-0223.