DentalVibe Maker Issues White Paper on How to Market Sedation Dentistry as Pain-Free

Posted on July 25, 2012

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB)—BING Innovations has announced the release of a white paper called Sedation Dentistry: How Pain-Free Treatment Builds Business & Fights Fear. Available at no cost to all dental health care providers, the new white paper aims to give dentists a better understanding of sedation dentistry, analyzes the risks and modalities of sedation through patients’ pain-fearing eyes, and teaches dentists how to best market sedation to a wary but pain-averse public. Dentists will find a deeper appreciation for the science behind sedation and why it cannot truly be called “pain-free dentistry.” Additionally, practitioners will learn compelling solutions for improving patient education about sedation, as well as completely eliminating their clinical experience of pain.

Bing Innovation is the maker of DentalVibe, its new patented FDA-approved device, which makes pain-free injections possible and can be administered on its own or as an adjunct to sedation dentistry. The white paper lays out the advantages of both applications and makes recommendations for when either might be appropriate. The 13-page document includes the following sections: Special Needs Patients Sedation Guide; The Origin of Sedation; Agents and Modalities Explained; Risk Analysis; and The Gate Control Theory of Pain.

The new white paper, Sedation Dentistry: How Pain-Free Treatment Builds Business & Fights Fear, can be downloaded free of charge on DentalVibe’s website.

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