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Sesame Communications Announces Webinar Schedule

Posted on July 20, 2012

Sesame Communications has announced its upcoming webinar schedule:



Date and Time: 9/6 9am Pacific

Presenter:  JP Pak, Principal from Practice Systems Integration

Title: iPad vs. Microsoft Surface (Tablets for Dentists)

Synopsis:  Best practices for using a tablet and the latest related technology to enhance patient experience, capture positive feedback & reviews, and maximize production.


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Date and Time: 9/11 10am Pacific

Presenter: Tim Williams

Title: The Power of Like

Synopsis: Ever wonder what value there is in someone liking your practice's Facebook page? This Webinar explores the power of social networking and the real-world, bottom line impacts your practice can achieve by harnessing this unique medium.


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Date and Time: 9/13 10am Pacific

Presenter:  Merry Cosgrove

Title: The Keys to Ideal Case Acceptance

Synopsis: Smart, successful Orthodontic practices understand the importance of engaging New Patients/Parents to foster a deeper sense of commitment and loyalty. Pride Institute consultant Merry Cosgrove will focus on helping you and your team develop and refine communication skills and motivational techniques that will successfully convert all your patients to the ideal next step in every situation.


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Date and Time: 9/18 9am Pacific

Presenter: Steve McEvoy

Title: IT Disaster Recovery – How prepared are you?

Synopsis: Learn how you can ensure you have a proper, functioning backup strategy and how you would use it after a crisis like a fire/theft/flood event.  Backup isn’t interesting – until the disaster is upon you.


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Date and Time: 9/19 10 am Pacific

Presenter: Dr. Howard Farran

Title: The Bottom Line…on Managing Your Dental Practice Part 2

Synopsis: This is part 2 of the series. Dr. Farran will show you how to build a great, meaningful and profitable dental office that will make a difference within your community. Spend some time learning practical hands-on applications, not fluff or superfluous fanciful theories. 

o               Learn to manage; people, time and money 

o               Basic business fundamentals

o               Dental Practice profitability with diminished stress

o               Staffing formula for a highly motivated team  

o               Profitable practice marketing

If you missed part 1 it can be viewed here:


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Date and Time: 9/26 10 am Pacific

Presenter: Shaylee Gregg

Title: Google+ Local Revealed

Synopsis: 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Google+ Local makes it easy for your patients to share their opinions and influence the people who are searching for you. This Webinar reveals the new features of Google+ Local and shares the inside scoop on how this recent Google update may impact your website’s ranking in search results!


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