Roland DGA Introduces New Milling Burs for the DWX-50 Dental Mill

Posted on July 13, 2012

Irvine, Calif., July 10, 2012—Roland DGA Corp. has introduced three new diamond-coated dental milling burs for its advanced DXW-50 zirconia milling machine. Each tool is specially engineered for precise performance, maximum durability and longer life.

Extensively tested for tolerances, Roland’s new milling burs are available in three different sizes —2 mm, 1 mm, and 0.8 mm—allowing dental professionals to choose an ideal tool for every milling strategy. The proprietary design of every Roland diamond-coated dental milling bur enables the user to produce up to 10 times the number of units that can be milled with a standard carbide model. Because they are fully compatible with Roland’s existing carbide tools, users can switch to the new tools without any changes in the CAM software, making the upgrade a true “plug-n-play” solution.


“After just a short period of time, ordinary carbide milling burs begin showing signs of surface wear, which can negatively affect the milling process and overall product quality,” said Brian Brooks, 3D milling and scanning product manager at Roland DGA. “That’s not the case with Roland’s diamond-coated dental milling burs. Our tools are built not only for optimum precision, but also for exceptional strength and longevity, making them much more productive and cost-effective over time.”

Roland diamond-coated dental milling burs are available now through Roland dealers and online at the Roland DGA Store. The MSRP for each of the new tools is $170.

For more information on Roland products, please call (800) 542-2307 or visit the Roland website at


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