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Johns Hopkins Dental Group Awards Accreditation to the Gadea Ramirez Dental Clinic in Costa Rica

Posted on June 25, 2012


Sarasota, FL, June 25, 2012 --( The Johns Hopkins Dental Group, a patient advocate and referral service that facilitates dental tourism in Costa Rica, accredited Clinica Gadea Ramirez. The Gadea Ramirez Dental Clinic has been providing quality dental care to Costa Ricans and travel tourists alike since 1998. They operate a Cosmetic Dental Clinic and offer the full array of dental services that dental tourists may need, and they maintain state of the art equipment and a clean and comfortable office.

The Accreditation of the Gadea Ramirez Dental Clinic was a result of a peer submission. Whenever two or more Johns Hopkins Dental Group Accredited dental clinics submit a dental clinic for consideration as a Member, the selection process is expedited. Howard Siegler, Vice President of the Johns Hopkins Dental Group said the following: “We know that our cream of the crop Members are not going to recommend just any dentist or any dental clinic. This is not just another ‘Boys Club’. Dental tourism is taken seriously among the true players in Costa Rica, and Accredited Members of the Johns Hopkins Dental Group realize that maintaining high standards is key to the industry’s continued success.”

Dr. Rodolfo A. Gadea, DDS, has been practicing dentistry for more than 15 years and has been an Oral Rehabilitation and Cosmetic Dentistry specialist since his postgraduate training at UCLA. Often cited as exceptional Dental Surgeon by his peers, Dr. Gadea has been treating a growing number of dental tourists each year since 1998. His clinic has steadily grown as a product of delivering the best possible dental care and maintaining great ongoing relationships with his patients. Located in a familiar strip-mall setting, the Gadea Ramirez Dental Clinic will feel pretty much the same as going to a dental clinic in the U.S., just with gentler care and better results.

The office is clean, well maintained, and most importantly, staffed with a team of professionals who take pride in their work and their patients care. They maintain an English speaking staff and all the modern equipment people are accustomed to in top class dental clinics. Siegler says “none of our world-renowned dental clinics have sprung up overnight. Our average dental clinic has served dental tourists for more than a dozen years. Talent and experience count in this business, and the dentists and dental specialists at Gadea Ramirez Dental Clinic has plenty of both. We are extremely glad Dr. Gadea and his team were recommended to our Group, and we look forward to working closely with he and his talented team to help satisfy the growing number of dental tourists arriving in Costa Rica.”

The Johns Hopkins Dental Group is a patient-focused referral service that provides assistance to dental tourists in choosing dentists, dental specialists, and dental clinics in Costa Rica. The company maintains a presence in Costa Rica to oversee business and clinical standards of Accredited Member clinics. They offer 7/24 consultation free of charge, and serve as Patient Advocates for dental tourists who encounter problems during their stay in Costa Rica. The Johns Hopkins Dental Group is not directly affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins Medicine or the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

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Howard Siegler, M.B.A.

Johns Hopkins Dental Group

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Costa Rica Tel. 011-506-2267-7638