Get More Dental Sedation Patients: New IDA Dental Marketing Websites Laser-Target Leads

Posted on June 9, 2012

New dental marketing websites from International Dental Alliance can easily laser-target markets such as dental sedation patients to generate more profitable leads.

(PRWEB) June 08, 2012

Dentists who want to acquire more new dental sedation patients can now easily optimize their dental marketing websites to get more of those cases. The New Patient Marketing Machine™ from Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA) give doctors a marketing plan that pairs their practice's Portals with IDA's national network of Dental Directories – and all sites are automatically search engine optimized to attract the specific types of new patients dentists want.

According to a survey conducted by dental marketing resource, dental sedationpatients rank in the top five most profitable types of clients. With IDA's marketing plans, dentists who have the requisite clinical skills can increase their practice's profits by strategically focusing on adding new sedation dentistry cases every month.

“We’ve spent years pouring everything we know into the New Patient Marketing Machine™," says dental marketing expert Jim Du Molin, founder of Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. "History has shown that dentists can get more new patients – the exact kind of patients they want – by setting up targeted dental websites. IDA makes it easy to do just that.”

Each dental practice Portal is fully customizable and personalized with information provided by the doctor. Doctors also select which dental market they want the Portal to target, such as sedation dentistry. IDA's proprietary LeadFire technology automatically populates the website with quality content that includes the appropriate keywords.

The resulting web pages are filled with the exact kinds of articles prospective patients in that market are searching for, like "Overcoming Dental Fear With Pain Free Dentistry," "Use of Laughing Gas During Sedation," and "Tips For Relieving Dental Anxiety," etc. Once they're on the website, new visitors find lots more engaging information, including multiple ways to contact the practice to set up an appointment.

At the same time, the Dental Directories are also actively engaged in IDA dental marketing and generating leads. Using the dentist sedation market example, as a member benefit of the New Patient Marketing Machine™, the practice is listed on the Directory. Leads are generated when site visitors fill out requests for dentists in their local geographical area.

About Internet Dental Alliance, Inc.

IDA provides dental management advice and customized resources to dental practices, including online dental marketing services such as website design, find-a-dentist websites and dentist web sites which are search engine optimized based on dental market (dental SEO). Internet Dental Alliance is North America's largest provider of websites for dentists, email patient newsletters and dental directories. In 2012, it completed its advanced Lead Fire lead generation system, which automates content marketing, can be set up within minutes, is based on organic geo-targeted local search, and is customized for each dental office.

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