Study Shows BloodSTOP Effective at Controlling Bleeding
 and Promoting Healing on Test Subjects
 Receiving Anticoagulant Drugs

Posted on May 28, 2012

LifeScience PLUS, manufacturer of BloodSTOP and Blood STOP iX, has released the results on a preclinical study designed to evaluate the effectiveness of BloodSTOP’s ability to control bleeding and promote healing on test subjects that had been administered anticoagulant drugs (Coumadin, Aspirin and Plavix, or Heparin). The results showed that BloodSTOP was able to achieve hemostasis and promote healing on a test group administered anticoagulant drugs in a time period that was found to be comparable to the identical wound sites on the control subject.

“We think that this study is significant in that it shows BloodSTOP can be effective for those humans who are using anticoagulant medicines,” said Vicky Feng, CEO of LifeSciences PLUS. “Since these drugs are designed to prevent clotting, persons taking them often find that it can be difficult to control bleeding on even a small cut. When BloodSTOP is used on a wound it quickly absorbs blood and forms a gel that aids in clotting and creates a proper environment for wound healing.”â�¨â�¨The study was performed using four healthy swine. Three animals were assigned to the test group administered anticoagulants and one animal was designated as the control and received no anticoagulants. A scalpel was used to create six linear incisions on the subject’s abdomens that extended down to the innermost layer of the dermis. BloodSTOP was then applied to all wounds in accordance with the manufacturers instructions after which all animals were observed for a period of 13 days.

Test results showed that the time to achieve hemostasis in the anticoagulant group was comparable to the control animal with no statistical differences found at a 95% level of significance. The level of healing was also shown to have no comparable differences between the test animals and the control. “I think that this study makes it very clear that BloodStop is very effective at controlling bleeding even in persons who are taking anticoagulants,” added Feng. “BloodSTOP can quickly and easily control bleeding that might otherwise present a very real problem for these patients.”

BloodSTOP was originally developed for use in surgery and can now be found in, sports stadiums, emergency responders' first aid kits, hospital emergency rooms, dental clinics, military field applications and veterinary clinics. 

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