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Polishing Thermoplastics Now Possible With Hatho ThermoPol Set Available Through Keystone Industries

Posted on June 30, 2014

CHERRY HILL, N.J. – Thermoplastics never had their own polishing kit before, until now. Keystone Industries is proud to introduce their Hatho ThermoPol Set, which is destined to give all of your denture appliances a brand new bright shine, including Valplast® and TCS®.

With this set, that includes everything needed to complete the process, the polished appliance will be left with results never seen in this quick of a process. There are three easy steps that will be taken throughout the process: pre-polishing, shine polishing, and high-shine polishing, each lasting no more than four minutes.

Keystone’s Hatho ThermoPol Set includes the following:

-Multi Layer Brush

-Polistar Lintygrey Compound (90g)

-COSIMA Soft Buff

-MIRA Polishing Buff

Polistar Cream (90g)

-Polistar Pro Pink (150g)

AlphaCard Pocket Card

Revolutionize the buffing and polishing procedures with this innovative Hatho kit from Keystone Industries, and be amazed with a shine that has only been found in acrylic materials, until now.

For more information on the Hatho ThermoPol Set or any other Keystone Industries’ product, call Keystone toll-free at 1-800-333-3131 or visit the website,