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Worldwide Dental Industry Acquisition Report Now Available

Posted on May 22, 2014


PEORIA, AZ: May 20, 2014 -The Anaheim Group, publisher of the Dentalfax line of dental information products, has released the Worldwide Dental Industry Acquisition Report, a 251-page report that provides information on the more than 550 dental company acquisitions that took place worldwide during the 11-year period of 2003 through 2013. There is no other source for detailed information on dental company purchases that is this comprehensive.

The Worldwide Dental Industry Acquisition Report provides detailed acquisition metrics for nine segments of the dental market:

- Distribution

- Finance

- Insurance

- Laboratory

- Manufacturing

- OTC Products

- Practice Management

- Publishing

- Software

The acquisition data are presented chronologically and cover the 11-year scope of the report. 

For each year covered by the report, the number of companies sold by market segment and the percentage of transactions by market segment are shown in graphical form.  This information is also shown cumulatively by year in both tabular and graphical format.

This report is extremely valuable to:

- Financial analysts following the dental industry

- Managers new to the dental industry who want to understand historical transactions

- Business owners or corporate entities who want to determine the value of their organization

- Executives trying to understand the impact that private equity firms have on the industry

- Managers following acquisition activity among their competitors

- Anyone interested in following the worldwide consolidation trends by market segment

This exceptionally valuable report is delivered by Direct Download and costs $325.  To order the Worldwide Dental Industry Acquisition Report, fax The Anaheim Group at 866-634-9332 or email your order to