Academy of Osseointegration 2016 Annual Meeting Grows to Include Hands-On Workshop Sessions

Posted on September 3, 2015

CHICAGO, September 3, 2015 – To accommodate the growing demand for dental implant training and education, the Academy of Osseointegration (AO)has expanded its 31st Annual Meeting to include Hands-On Workshop sessions. These sessions will be held the afternoon of February 17, 2016, the day before the Opening Symposium and Welcome Reception. For the next three days (February 18-20), specialists and general dentists will continue to learn together about the latest in science and technology from the world’s leading clinicians and researchers.

The meeting, themed “Globalization of Implant Dentistry: A World Collaboration,” will be held at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego. Registration will open this fall. Follow AO on Facebookand Twitterusing #AO2016 to stay up-to-date.

“Clinicians, residents and students who carve time out of their busy schedules to attend our Annual Meeting do so because they share our conviction that knowledge and training are essential for the successful use of dental implants,” said AO President Dr. Russell Nishimura. “We owe it to them to maximize their time by ensuring this experience gives them world-class education in an outstanding learning environment, and that it translates into optimal patient care.”

The Annual Meeting will include more than 50 clinical presentations; an expansive Exhibit Hall; hundreds of E-Posters, as well as Oral Scientific Abstracts and Oral Clinical Research Sessions; Corporate Forums; Lunch and Learn Sessions; a Young Clinicians Lecture Series; and a TEAM Program and Laboratory Technician Program. In addition to the Opening and Closing Symposiums, there will be a “Focus on China Symposium,” where speakers from different regions of China will present on their clinical experiences and research in implant dentistry.

“We have put together an unparalleled line up of clinicians, teachers and researchers from around the globe to present on the topics most important to today’s implant dentist,” said Dr. Peter Moy, 2016 Annual Meeting Program Chair. “The whole point of this meeting is to ensure our members and guests take valuable information back to their practices to provide optimum care for our implant patients, and that’s exactly what we plan to do.”

Throughout the conference there will be numerous opportunities to network and socialize, including the President’s Reception, a time-honored event complimentary to all attendees. This year’s reception will be held at the San Diego Air and Space Museum.

“San Diego is easy to fly into from anywhere in the world,” added Dr. Nishimura. “With its warm weather and great amenities, such as beaches, golf, shopping and the zoo, it’s an awesome place to bring your family, too.” 

Foundation Grants Still Available

Posted on September 3, 2015

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit created in 2008 to advocate and raise awareness of the necessity of dental laboratory technology education for dental technicians and other effected members of the dental team.

The Foundation provides grants and scholarships to interested candidates for advanced education and develops educational programs that are relevant and accessible to both dental technicians working in the laboratory as well as dental laboratory technology students.

With the help of The Foundation’s generous donors, they were able to offer a number of grant and scholarship opportunities this year, with the following grant opportunities still available to interested candidates:

Kois Center Education Grantdeadline to apply: 9/15/2015

The Kois Center Education Grant will award one (1) seat in the Biomechanics I & II course at no charge. The charge for such a course would typically retail for $9,995.

PTC John Ness Memorial Education Grantdeadline to apply: 10/15/2015

The PTC John Ness Memorial Education Grant will award four (4) individuals in the dental laboratory field a PTC Ness Academy Hands on Course at no charge. The charge for such a course would typically retail for $3,000.

Fulcrum Grantdeadline to apply: 11/15/2015

The Fulcrum Grant will award four (4) individuals up to $2,500 to supplement expenses related to an approved continuing education program the winner wishes to attend.

To apply for the Kois Center Education Grant, click here.

To apply for the PTC John Ness Memorial Education Grant, click here.

To apply for the Fulcrum Grant, click here.

Oral Health America Announces Winner of 2015 NSTEP Slogan Contest

Posted on September 3, 2015

CHICAGO, August 13 — Oral Health America (OHA) is proud to announce 12-year-old Brexton Clubb from Peoria, AZ as the winner of the 14thAnnual NSTEP® (National Spit Tobacco Education Project) Slogan Contest. Brexton’s winning slogan, “Run bases, catch balls. Chew tobacco and risk it all!”, will be featured during the 10-day Little League Baseball® World Series in Williamsport, PA, to educate players and families about the dangers of spit tobacco.

Teaming up with Little League® Baseball and Softball, the annual contest calls on players ages 8-14 to create a compelling ten-word phrase describing the dangers of spit tobacco for a chance to win a trip to the Little League Baseball® World Series and a cash prize.

“We’re a huge baseball family and Brexton plays baseball year-round,” said Brexton’s father Robert Clubb. “We watch the Little League World Series every year, so we’re very excited to be able to go.”

“I decided to enter the contest because most of my friends were doing it and just started thinking about the basics of baseball and mixing tobacco into that,” said Brexton, who typically plays third base for his team. “When they told me I won, I couldn’t believe it. I was so surprised and happy and jumping up and down.”

In addition to its long history with baseball, spit tobacco disproportionately impacts young people, with 46 percent of new users starting before the age of 18. With direct ties to cancer, tooth loss and tooth decay, it is more important than ever that young Americans understand that smokeless isn’t harmless.

“For more than 20 years OHA has educated Americans through NSTEP about the dangers of spit tobacco,” said OHA President and CEO Beth Truett. “We are honored to continue our partnership with Little League to prevent young people from starting to use spit tobacco and thank Brexton for his role in helping us reach thousands of families with this important message.”

For winning the contest, Brexton will receive an all-expense paid trip to the Little League World Series, where he will throw out the first pitch during a game. In addition, OHA will donate $500 to Brexton's local Little League organization.

About Little League Baseball and Softball

Little League Baseball and Softball is the world's largest youth sports program, with nearly 2.4 million players and one million volunteers in every U.S. state and scores of other countries. For more information, visit

Sterngold to Launch New Implant System

Posted on September 3, 2015

Attleboro, MA – Sterngold Dental, LLC, is pleased to announce that they will launch the new Sterngold Implant System at the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) meeting October 21-24 in Las Vegas.

Sterngold’s new line features One Surgical System with Multiple Restorative Platforms. The implant body design promotes self-tapping and initial stability during placement.  Its simple and predictable surgical process makes it ideal for all fixed and removable indications.  Within the system, the TRU Implant is substantially equivalent to the Nobel Biocare® Internal Conical connection, and the PUR Implant is substantially equivalent to the Zimmer Tapered Screw-Vent connection.  For more information, call 800-243-9942. 

Blueberry Extract for Gum Disease

Posted on September 3, 2015

Gum disease is a common condition among adults that occurs when bacteria form biofilms or plaques on teeth, and consequently the gums become inflamed. Some severe cases, called periodontitis, call for antibiotics. But now scientists have discovered that wild blueberry extract could help prevent dental plaque formation. Their report in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistrycould lead to a new therapy for periodontitis and a reduced need for antibiotics.

Many people have had some degree of gum inflammation, or gingivitis, caused by dental plaque. The gums get red and swollen, and they bleed easily. If left unchecked, the condition can progress to periodontitis. The plaque hardens into tartar, and the infection can spread below the gum line and destroy the tissue supporting the teeth. To treat this condition, dentists scrape off the tartar and sometimes have to resort to conventional antibiotics. But recently, researchers have started looking at natural antibacterial compounds to treat gum disease. Daniel Grenier and colleagues wanted to see if blueberry polyphenols, which work against foodborne pathogens, could also help fight Fusobacterium nucleatum, one of the main species of bacteria associated with periodontitis.

In the lab, the researchers tested extracts from the wild lowbush blueberry,Vaccinium angustifolium Ait., against F. nucleatum. The polyphenol-rich extracts successfully inhibited the growth of F. nucleatum, as well as its ability to form biofilms. It also blocked a molecular pathway involved in inflammation, a key part of gum disease. The researchers say they’re developing an oral device that could slowly release the extract after deep cleaning to help treat periodontitis.

The authors acknowledge funding from the Laboratoire de Contrôle Microbiologique de l’Université Laval.

3Shape Dental Advisory Board Focuses on Digital Workflow

Posted on September 3, 2015


Copenhagen – The 3Shape Dental Advisory Board met here this past week to examine ways for innovating the digital dentistry workflow, and in turn, improving patient care. 

The board made digital workflow optimization and its impact on patient care its theme for the second annual meeting of the group. 

"3Shape’s goal is to improve patient care," CEO Fleming Thorup says. "To do so, we need to make the workflow for dental professionals more efficient. That means making the digital workflow the first choice for all practitioners because of its reliability, predictability, and increased comfort for the patient.

“The 3Shape Dental Advisory Board brings together experts from every continent, each with their own way of working. But each shares the collective goal for improving patient care, and because of that, this year’s meeting was a huge success. The clinical skills of participants were not in focus. The members came instead loaded with real practice challenges and needs, their sleeves rolled up. As a result, together we were able to identify many innovative steps to improving patient care and, in turn, tremendous opportunities for 3Shape.” 

The 3Shape Dental Advisory Board comprises 14 dentists and 1 dental laboratory owner. Board members are from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, and the US. The group met at 3Shape headquarters in Copenhagen on August 27-28. Leading digital dentistry advocate and practitioner Jonathan Ferencz, DDS, from the US, chaired the 2-day meeting. 

“Last year, many of the advisory board members told me that the 2-day meeting was the highlight of their careers," Ferencz says. "I think we topped that at this year’s meeting. There was such a strong feeling of intellectual stimulation and camaraderie in being a part of the next 'Apple,'  so to speak. For a board member, it’s very rewarding to know that you have a real influence on how products get delivered to the end-user and that you are helping to shape the future of patient care." 


Planmeca Introduces All-New Intraoral Imaging System

Posted on September 2, 2015

September 2, 2015) Roselle, Ill.--Planmeca introduces its most recent innovation in intraoral imaging, the Planmeca ProSensor HD. This system sets a new standard for intraoral imaging in dentistry, offering excellent image quality and a patient-centered design with multiple convenience features for enhanced usability.

For top-notch image quality, Planmeca ProSensor HD has a new CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) chip, as well as a more accurate scintillator with a fiber-optic layer for sharper images, improved contrast, better signal-to-noise ratio at all dose levels, and a theoretical resolution at 33 lp/mm. The sensors feature rounded edges to enhance patient comfort and are hermetically sealed for convenient infection control. For added usability, the sensors are connected magnetically to the control box for easy one-handed use and can also be integrated with the Planmeca ProX intraoral X-ray unit, enabling instant switching between operatories.

With innovative design features, as well as support for both Mac and Windows, the new Planmeca ProSensor HD provides high-quality images and a smooth workflow in nearly any treatment situation.

Analysis of Tooth Brushing App Reveals Benefits

Posted on September 2, 2015

Research published in the British Dental Journal shows that Brush DJ, an app designed to encourage youngsters to adopt and maintain an effective oral health care routine using evidence-based techniques, is effective in its aims.

Brush DJ was launched on the Apple App Store at the end of 2011 and in 2013 it was accepted into the NHS Choices Health Apps Library. By February 2015 Brush DJ, which is free with no advertisements or in-app purchases, had been downloaded on more than 197,000 devices in 188 countries. It can be used with any type of toothbrush.

The app plays music for two minutes - the optimum time for brushing teeth - taken from a playlist or randomly from the user's own device or cloud. As well as encouraging tooth brushing for two minutes, it also reminds users to spit out after brushing but not to rinse, sets reminders to brush twice a day, use a mouthwash at other non-brushing times of the day, sets alerts for dental appointments and reminders to change toothbrushes once every three months. Fundamentally, it makes brushing teeth fun for youngsters.

The British Dental Journal research was carried out by a team including a general dental practitioner and NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow from York, a consultant orthodontist from Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust and a lead dental researcher, educator and Foundation Dean of the Peninsula Dental School from Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry.

The research showed that 70 per cent of respondents reported their teeth felt cleaner since using the app and 88 per cent said that Brush DJ had motivated them to brush their teeth for longer. Ninety per cent said they would recommend the app to their friends and family.

The research team concluded that not only had Brush DJ contributed to greater motivation for young people to care for their teeth more effectively, but it also has huge potential as a way to convey important oral health messages and information. Indeed, a recommendation from the study suggests that it would be reasonable to prescribe such an app in the same way in which fluoride toothpastes are currently prescribed in the UK.

Ben Underwood, dentist, app developer, NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow and Honorary University Fellow at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, led the study. He said: "Brush DJ showed positive effect across four main themes - motivation, education, compliance and perceived benefits. The results of our study indicate that apps such as Brush DJ are beneficial to users and open the way for further research to extend their use and effectiveness still further."

Professor Elizabeth Kay, Foundation Dean of the Peninsula Dental School from Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, was a co-author on the study. She added: "Caries and other dental health conditions are ultimately preventable, and the great thing about an app such as Brush DJ is that we can show that it has a positive effect for children. Bearing in mind that almost 26,000 children a year are aged between five and nine are admitted to hospital for dental treatment in the UK, for conditions which are on the whole preventable through better understanding and adoption of good oral health routines, the potential for Brush DJ and apps like it to reduce that number is huge. More research based on the findings from this study will help us to develop the app and investigate methods for its more widespread use."

America’s Toothfairy Awards $105,000 in Grants to Expand Children’s Oral Health Services

Posted on September 2, 2015

(Charlotte, NC, September 2, 2015) – Today, the ToothFairy gave 15 organizations and thousands of children something to smile about! Thanks to generous support from corporations and caring individuals, America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation®awarded $105,000 in ToothFairy Grants to its Affiliate Network, a collaborative alliance of non-profit clinical and community partners providing vital oral health education and care to at-risk children. Through this network, America’s ToothFairydelivers community-based programs, educational materials, oral care products, dental equipment, and financial grants to support expansion and innovation of children’s oral health services.

Grant recipients include:

·      Children’s Dental Services (MN): $20,000 Medicom ToothFairy Grant

·      Community Dentistry on Wheels (Washington, DC):$10,000 Patterson Dental Sparkle ToothFairy Grant

·      Indiana University School of Dentistry, Division of Pediatric Dentistry (IN):$10,000 Patterson Dental Sparkle ToothFairy Grant

·      Gateway to Oral Health Foundation (MO):$7,500 Patterson Dental Sparkle ToothFairy Grant

·      Kids’ Community Dental Clinic of Burbank (CA):$7,500 America’s ToothFairy Grant

·      A.T. Still University - Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health (AZ): $5,000 ToothFairy Grant

·      Community Dental Care (MN): $5,000 Retired 3M Executives ToothFairy Grant

·      Just Kids Dental (MN): $5,000 ToothFairy Ball Grant

·      Kemple Memorial Children’s Dental Clinic (OR):$5,000 ToothFairy Ball Grant

·      The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health (CA):$5,000 ToothFairy Ball Grant

·      Northern Dental Access Center (MN): $5,000 ToothFairy Ball Grant

·      San Gabriel Valley Foundation for Dental Health (CA): $5,000 ToothFairy Ball Grant

·      The Children’s Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles (CA): $5,000 ToothFairy Ball Grant

·      University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston (TX):$5,000 TSC EcoSolutions ToothFairy Grant

·      Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry (VA): $5,000 ToothFairy Ball Grant

“We are very proud to award these ToothFairy Grants to enhance the smile-saving work of nonprofit clinical and community programs across the country,” said Fern Ingber, America’s ToothFairy President and CEO. “Thanks to their efforts, and the generosity of donor companies and individuals, thousands of at-risk children and their families will be able to access the oral health services and education they need for optimal health.”

New Stratasys Compact Dental 3D Printer

Posted on September 2, 2015

MINNEAPOLIS & REHOVOT, Israel--()--Stratasys, Ltd. (Nasdaq:SSYS), a global leader of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions, introduces the Objet30 Dental Prime, a high quality, low cost 3D printer designed to allow smaller dental labs to produce a wide range of models and appliances in-house.

While compact in size, the Objet30 Dental Prime is big in versatility, beginning with a choice of 3D print modes: High Quality and High Speed. The High Quality mode 3D prints models with superior surface finish and intricate, delicate features required for precise fittings on crown, bridge, and prosthetic models (in 16-micron layers). The High Speed mode 3D prints at accelerated speeds to produce orthodontic models and surgical guides with increased productivity (in 28-micron layers). Together, these two print modes enable smaller labs to produce a wide range of dental and orthodontic appliances in-house – changing the economies for smaller dental labs by increasing productivity, shortening delivery times and improving patient satisfaction.

The Objet30 Dental Prime’s versatility continues with a choice of three PolyJet 3D printing materials:

  • VeroDentPlus (MED690) - dark beige material that offers excellent strength, accuracy and durability to create intricate models.

  • Clear Bio-compatible (MED610) – medically approved for temporary in-mouth placement; essential for producing surgical guides and investment castings for chromium cobalt removable partial denture (RPD) frames.

  • VeroGlaze (MED620) - opaque bio-compatible material with A2 shading designed to provide accurate color matching; ideal for veneer try-ins, diagnostic wax-ups and clear aligner trays.

By enabling smaller dental labs to produce their own models and appliances in-house, the Objet30 Dental Prime 3D Printer reduces the need for outsourcing and enables smaller labs to be more competitive.

“The introduction of the compact, versatile Objet30 Dental Prime 3D Printer continues Stratasys’ commitment to providing a variety of solutions to meet the different needs of dental and orthodontic labs, small and large. This addition to our entry-level desktop family brings superior-quality 3D printing available to all dental labs who want to provide competitive digital dentistry services to their clients,” said Steffen Mueller, General Manager, Dental Solutions at Stratasys.

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