DrQuickLook Launches New DrQuickLook SD

Posted on April 3, 2014

More Than Just an Intraoral Camera…Way More!

After two years of development and evaluating the exact needs of most dental practices, the new DrQuickLook™ SD Models are set to become the go-to choice over traditional intraoral cameras.

Both DrQuickLook SD models have a large five-inch touchscreen and also come with a 3MP camera sensor and easy-to-use wand for clear, crisp intraoral images. Along with your patient, you can instantly review all saved images from the standard SD card by using the toggle buttons on the touchscreen. 

With SD Plus, we have added Quick Draw. When reviewing images with your patient, this lets you use your finger or a stylus pen to draw right over the image so patients clearly understand dental issues.

The extensive patient education package is the easiest way to integrate patient education videos into your practice. If you want to do the talking, we’ve added matching slide presentations for individualized presentations.

Also featured with SD Plus is the FaceCam. This is perfect for quick head and profile shots of your patient for facial recognition. You can also use it prior to intraoral imaging to put a face with the intraoral images you are about to save to the SD card.

Anyone can learn to use either SD model in no time at all. It’s all about the intuitive touchscreen and the toggle buttons. Because the models are portable, when you are ready you can easily transfer all the images to your office computer and place them in patient files. The type of computer you have or practice-management software your office uses does not matter.

These are more than just intraoral cameras. They are the world’s simplest intraoral cameras, our company believes.


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