Advanced Dental Prosthetics Symposium

Posted on February 24, 2014

On March 15, 2014, the American Academy of Dental Prosthetic Technicians will present the Advanced Dental Prosthetics Symposium—Emerging Technologies, Timeless Craft. The symposium will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the NYU College of Dentistry. The program includes the following lectures:


Symbiosis: Art & Technique in Implant Dentistry from Domenico Cascione, CDT, BS

This presentation illustrates a systematic approach based on the technician’s expertise with principles & techniques in order to obtain predictable results on challenging implant cases. Tissue management criteria on the implant restoration, with a novel approach for noninvasive pontic site development, and the importance of proper diagnosis, treatment planning, and communication is emphasized.


The Future Is Now: Skilled Craftsmanship Meets Modern Technology from Leonard Marotta, CDT, MDT, PhD

By focusing on CAD/CAM systems for implants, all-ceramic, milled titanium, milled zirconia, and crown and bridge fabrication, this presentation covers the importance of trained, skilled craftsmanship in relation to modern computer technology. Proper protocol, diagnosis and treatment planning, and correct procedures are emphasized.


Maximizing High Esthetics Through CAD/CAM Technologies from Luke Kahng, CDT

Focusing on what has been learned thus far about the practical aspects of CAD/CAM technology, this presentation will cover how it has changed life in the lab and the future of esthetic restorations. Many important questions will be answered during this highly informative lecture


Swiss Denture Concepts from Ted Smudde, BA

Current and future trends in removable prosthetics will be presented, including a focus on how improved communication between technician, clinician, and patient will increase the success rate of removable cases. This step-by-step presentation will detail the procedures for producing a premium quality denture and how this can increase the profitability in your

lab. This includes how to choose the right denture tooth for every indication, how to create natural colorization for the wax try-in, and how to create a characterized acrylic denture base using the Candulor ColorSet easy kit.


Future of Dentistry…Made Possible with Zirconia from Alessandro Cucchiaro

Zirconium Silicate, better known to us as Zirconium Dioxide has proven itself over the years to be a valuable substitute to metal in most rehabilitations. The high translucency of the material gives us the opportunity to achieve an aesthetic that comes close to that of natural teeth. In this session, attendees will learn how zirconia integrates in harmony with the tissue, how a full occlusion in zirconia can maintain over time the correct equilibrium of the ATM, and how to achieve an amazing aesthetic with full contour zirconia.


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