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Pelton & Crane launches Ergonomic Evaluation Clinic at Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting

Posted on February 19, 2014

This year, Pelton & Crane proudly launches the Ergonomics Evaluation Clinic at the 149th Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. Practicing Physical Therapist and American Dental Association Ergonomics & Disability Support Advisory Committee Member, Timothy J. Caruso, will lead a team of experienced Ergonomic Professionals in identifying some common risk factors of MSDs. The evaluation is free and participating Dental Professionals can expect expert advice on proper posture and dental ergonomics, and will learn how access defines health for the dental team. 

MSDs affect over 50% of Dental Professionals and are the leading cause for premature retirement in clinicians under 50. “Dentistry is one of the few professions that actually accepts pain as part of the daily routine” - Timothy J. Caruso. Pain and discomfort are often the result of improper patient positioning caused by physical impairments and obstructions that limit access to the patient’s oral cavity. “When a patient is positioned incorrectly, preventing proper ergonomic access to the oral cavity, the clinician has to bend at the lower back, and elevate and rotate their shoulders. If repeated continually, these Class 4 and 5 movements can create long-term or permanent MSDs.” - Dr. Mark Tholen, DDS, MBA and Expert in Ergonomic Office Design. 

To help mitigate the leading factor contributing to MSDs in Dental Professionals, proper ergonomic access to the oral cavity, Pelton & Crane designed a series of chairs featuring The Narrow Back AdvantageTM. The narrow backrest design and dual articulating headrest allow superior access to the oral cavity, while keeping patients of all sizes comfortably supported. “The chair back is designed to reduce the size of the back rest, allowing for greater access to the oral cavity” - Rob St. Louis, Engineering Manager at Pelton & Crane. Superior access to the oral cavity allows the doctor/hygienist and assistant to be seated in ergonomically correct positions, reducing the risk of Class 4 & 5 movements. “The Narrow Back chair is a great example of Pelton & Crane’s commitment to thoughtful innovation. The chair helps the dental team perform their jobs in an ergonomically healthy way, while putting patients at ease.” - Emily Brooks, Product Manager at Pelton & Crane. 

For more information, please visit Booth #1211 at the Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting or contact your Pelton & Crane Representative 

About Pelton & Crane 

Pelton & Crane was founded in 1900 by Dr. R.M. Pelton, a dentist, and Mr. Crane, an electrical engineer, with the purpose of designing and manufacturing a furnace used to bake porcelain inlays. Innovation and quality are traditions that have kept Pelton & Crane at the forefront of the dental industry for over 100 years. Today, Pelton & Crane offers a complete line of dental equipment including dental chairs, lights, cabinets, dental units and water treatment devices. 

Pelton & Crane has always insisted on the highest quality workmanship, as well as delivering innovation to the dental industry. You can feel the quality and enjoy the comfort of knowing Pelton & Crane is a name you can trust for products that withstand the test of time. Learn more about the full line of Pelton & Crane products at