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April 2017
Volume 13, Issue 4
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Cover Story

Reaching New Heights

Allison DiMatteo, BA, MPS


When Do You Restore in Centric Relation and When Do You Not?

Dean E. Kois, DMD, MSD, John C. Cranham, DDS, Michael Fling, DDS

Continuing Education

Postoperative Jaw and Muscle Pain

Lee Ann Brady, DMD, James Fricton, DDS, MS, Brad Eli, DMD, MS


The Virtual Dental Patient: Digitally Designed All-on-X

David Lee Hill, Jr., DDS, Michael A. Pikos , DDS, Daniel R. Llop, CDT


Treating the Constricted Envelope of Function

Fred H. Peck, DDS, AAACD, Dwight Rickert, CDT, FAACD


Endodontic Efficiency

Roger P. Levin, DDS

The Dangers of Having Tunnel Vision

Jay Geier

Clinical Briefs

A Versatile Tool for Anterior Composite Applications

Robert A. Lowe, DDS

Peer to Peer

TheraCem™ Self-Adhesive Resin Cement

Joseph Kim, DDS, JD

Palodent® Plus Sectional Matrix System

Jason H. Goodchild, DMD

i-CAT™ FLX V-Series

Itzhak Eisinger, DDS

Tech Profiles

CAD/CAM Fabrication of PMMA Provisional Restorations

Absolute Dentin Core Composite

NV PRO3 Microlaser


Collaborative Learning

Dwight Rickert, CDT, FAACD, Chiann Gibson, DMD, AAACD

New Products

New Products

Executive Perspective

Continuous Innovation Remains Priority for Imaging Leader

Emphasizing Quality Over Bottom Line Leads Whitening Expert to Success

Commitment to Core Values Shines Through for Family Company

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