February 2014

Table of Contents

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Cover Story

Beyond Failures

Ellen Meyer pp. 100-108

Practice Building

A New Option for Practice Websites

Sara Sims pp. 30-31

Why Leading Dentists Choose Mobile Technology

Tanya Stein, RDH pp. 32-36

Wealth Management

Retirement Plan Market Losses and Their Recovery

pp. 32-34


Should Dental Practitioners Perform a Cancer Exam on Every Patient?

Emily Boge, RDH, BS, John R. Kalmar, DMD, PhD pp. 42-43


Finding Lost Profitability in Dental Hygiene Departments

Christa Crilley McConaghy, RDH, PHDHP, BS pp. 44

Continuing Education

Data Collection and Analysis to Facilitate Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Michael R. Sesemann, DDS pp. 47- pp. 52


A Simplified, Safer Approach to Lateral Sinus Augmentation

Douglas F. Dompkowski, DDS, Gregori M. Kurtzman, DDS, MAGD, FACD, DICOI pp. 54-60


Treatment Planning for Periapical Cemental Dysplasia

Richard Winter, DDS, MAGD, DICOI pp. 62-71


Conservatively Treating a Congenitally Missing Lateral Incisor

Amir N. Esfandiari, DDS pp. 72-80

Focus On

Dental Implantology: An Evolving Treatment Modality

Scott D. Ganz, DMD pp. 82-86

Practice to Practice

Practice to Practice

pp. 112

Peer to Peer

A Simple "Bulk-Fill" Technique for Posterior Esthetic Restorations

Mark L. Pitel, DMD pp. 92

Creating a Marketing Plan to Achieve Your Practice Goals

Kent Smith, DDS pp. 94

Tech Profiles

A Stepwise Approach to Class II Composite Restorations

Bluephase® Style Simplifies Composite Restorations

pp. 90


An Interview with Sesame Communications

Diana P. Friedman, MA, MBA pp. 24

Dentistry At Large

MegaGen Holds 10th Annual International Symposium

pp. 26

KidSMILES: Creating a Solution from the Ground Up

pp. 28

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