August 2013

Table of Contents

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An Interview with Shofu Dental Corporation

pp 26

Dentistry At Large

The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation

pp 28-29

Main Event

Successful Women in Dentistry Conference

pp 30

Cover Story

Current Thinking on Composites & Adhesion

pp 39-49

Practice Building

Build a Better Practice Through Patient Communication

Naomi Cooper pp 32-33

Lab Talk

New Material Options, New Cement Selections

Gary Alex, DMD, AAACD, Larry Borman pp 34-36

Continuing Education

Instrument Cassettes: An Effective Infection Control Precaution

John A. Molinari, PhD, Jennifer A. Harte, DDS, MS, Peri Nelson, BS pg 50-58; quiz 60


A Closer Look at Nickel-Titanium Root Canal Enlargement

James L. Gutmann, DDS pp 64-69

Focus On

Small Digital Dental Labs

Bob Cohen, CDT pp 78-79

Clinical Briefs

In-Office Bleaching with a Multi-Intensity Whitening Lamp

pp 84-87

Streamlined Tools for Chairside Restorations

Peter Gardell, DDS pp 88-91

Optimal Results with Lithium Disilicate Veneer Cement

Fred Peck, DDS pp 90-91

Why Use Bulk-Fill Flowable Composites?

Jason H. Goodchild, DMD pp 92-95


Repair of Lemon Juice-Eroded Incisors in a Teenager

Theodore P. Croll, DDS, Steven R. Jefferies, MS, DDS, PhD pp 70-77


Digital Dentistry: Is It Right for Your Practice?

Brent Fredrickson, DDS pp 80-82

Tech Profiles

Intraoral Scanners and Digital Implant Impressioning

pg 96

Composi-Tight 3D XR™ Sectional Matrix System

pp 98

It’s Easy Being Green with the OnTraQ™ Compliance Manager

pp 100

BruxZir® Solid Zirconia: A Clinician’s Perspective

pp 102

Achieving Reliable Bonds to All Indirect Restorative Materials

pp 104

Oral Exam

Oral Exam

pp 112

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