August 2013

Table of Contents

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Cover Story

Current Thinking on Composites & Adhesion

pp 39-49

Practice Building

Build a Better Practice Through Patient Communication

Naomi Cooper pp 32-33

Continuing Education

Instrument Cassettes: An Effective Infection Control Precaution

John A. Molinari, PhD, Jennifer A. Harte, DDS, MS, Peri Nelson, BS pg 50-58; quiz 60


A Closer Look at Nickel-Titanium Root Canal Enlargement

James L. Gutmann, DDS pp 64-69


Repair of Lemon Juice-Eroded Incisors in a Teenager

Theodore P. Croll, DDS, Steven R. Jefferies, MS, DDS, PhD pp 70-77


Digital Dentistry: Is It Right for Your Practice?

Brent Fredrickson, DDS pp 80-82

Focus On

Small Digital Dental Labs

Bob Cohen, CDT pp 78-79

Clinical Briefs

In-Office Bleaching with a Multi-Intensity Whitening Lamp

pp 84-87

Streamlined Tools for Chairside Restorations

Peter Gardell, DDS pp 88-91

Optimal Results with Lithium Disilicate Veneer Cement

Fred Peck, DDS pp 90-91

Why Use Bulk-Fill Flowable Composites?

Jason H. Goodchild, DMD pp 92-95

Tech Profiles

Intraoral Scanners and Digital Implant Impressioning

pg 96

Composi-Tight 3D XR™ Sectional Matrix System

pp 98

It’s Easy Being Green with the OnTraQ™ Compliance Manager

pp 100

BruxZir® Solid Zirconia: A Clinician’s Perspective

pp 102

Achieving Reliable Bonds to All Indirect Restorative Materials

pp 104


An Interview with Shofu Dental Corporation

pp 26

Dentistry At Large

The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation

pp 28-29

Main Event

Successful Women in Dentistry Conference

pp 30

Oral Exam

Oral Exam

pp 112

Lab Talk

New Material Options, New Cement Selections

Gary Alex, DMD, AAACD, Larry Borman pp 34-36

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