January 2013

Table of Contents

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An Interview with NSK Dental LLC

Einstein Series

A Conversation with Alice DeForest

David C. Alexander, BDS, MSc, DDPH

Cover Story

Implants: Optimizing Outcomes

Kate Hughes

Practice Building

Divorce/Partnership Disputes and Goodwill Allocations

Bruce Bryen, CPA, CVA

Set A Gold Standard In Your Practice

Tony Circelli

Lab Talk

Solving a Large Space in the Anterior

Luke S. Khang, CDT


Dental Stem Cells

Kate Hughes

Research & Application

Monolithic Lithium Disilicate Restorations Are Now Everyday Players

George W. Tysowsky, DDS, MPH, Howard E. Strassler, DDS


Radiation in Dentistry

Ellen Meyer

Continuing Education

Minimalistic Approach to GERD-Related Tooth Surface Loss

Aliasger Tunkiwala, BDS, MDS


The Bonded Functional Esthetic Prototype: Part I

Edward A. McLaren, DDS, MDC, MDS, Todd R. Schoenbaum, DDS, FACD


Minimum Dentistry, Maximum Results

Aria Irvani, DDS

Focus On

Curing Lights

Allison C. Broyles, DMD, MS, Jack L. Ferracane, PhD

Clinical Briefs

Combining the Best Characteristics of Resin Composite and Glass Ionomer

John K. Sullivan, DDS

Conservative Smile Enhancements with Short-Term Orthodontics

Robert J. Malone, DDS

Changes in the Use of Pit-and-Fissure Sealants

Anna Carolina Volpi Mello-Moura, DDS, MSc, PhD, Rafael S. Beolchi, DDS, MSc


Simplified and Sophisticated Esthetic Composite Systems

Frank J. Milnar, DDS, AAACD


Incorporating CAD/CAM into the Operatory

Gregg A. Helvey, DDS, MAGD

Tech Profiles


Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush Regimen

Oral Exam

Oral Exam

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