October 2010

Table of Contents

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Einstein Series

A Conversation with Stanley Bergman

Cover Story

The Anatomy of an Opportunity

Salivary Diagnostics: The "Holy Grail" of Point-Of-Care Diagnostics

Understanding Biomarkers: The First StepResearch & Application

Practice Building

Practice Building: Market Your Practice Like a Dental Practice

Fred Joyal


Question'Wisdom teeth' what is the optimal age for removal, and should all wisdom teeth be removed?

Kathleen Herb Brower, DMD, MD, Elizabeth A. Kuteipal, DDS, Mark A. Egbert, DDS, Michael R. Sesemann, DDS, FAACD

Lab Talk

Using Minimally Invasive Veneers to Close Anterior Diastemas

Brian Dennis, DDS, Bradley L. Jones, FAACD

Research & Application

Perceptions and knowledge of orofacial piercings among dental students

Howard E. Strassler, DDS

Benefits of Pre-restorative Orthodontics Treatments on Veneer Preparations

Howard E. Strassler, DDS

Continuing Education

Laboratory Evaluation of Chronic Medical Conditions for Dental Treatment

Wendy S. Hupp, DMD, F. John Firriolo, DDS, PhD, Scott S. De Rossi, DMD, DABOM


Surgical Endodontics

Joseph D. Chikvashvili, DDS


Improving the Past with the Economic Realities of Today

Jordon Soll BSc (Hon), DDS, Trevor Laingchild, RDT


Prosthetic Management of Compromised Implant Positioning

Robert C. Vogel, DDS

Clinical Briefs

Medium Field of View CBCT Imaging and the General Practice

Terry Myers, DDS

The Unique Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Joe Gillespie, DDS

Low-Shrink Composite Technology

Amanda Canto, DDS

Biomimetic, Self-Etch, Direct Composite Restorations

Randall G. Cohen, DDS, Michael V. Razzano, DDS


Visualizing Success

Edward M. Amet, DDS, BS, MSD, FACP

Tech Profiles

A-dec|W&H Synea LED

Brasseler USA Bur System

Robert R. Winter, DDS

Winning the "Restorative Challenge" with the DUO-LINK™ SE System

Douglas Brown DDS, FAGD

Broken Endodontic File Retrieval Kit From KOMET USA

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