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Inside Dentistry

June 2010, Volume 6, Issue 6
Published by AEGIS Communications

Esthetic Dental Materials

Over the past half-century, research and development has led to incredible innovation in the science behind the smile.

Allison M. DiMatteo, BA, MPS

The Inside Look from...

Issue after issue, the feature presentations in Inside Dentistry deliver coverage of relevant topics specifically affecting the dental profession, as well as oral healthcare in general. The publishers and staff could not bring the underlying concerns surrounding these timely issues to the forefront without the insights shared by our knowledgeable and well-respected interviewees. For their collective generosity of time and perspectives, we extend our sincere gratitude.

Cora Bracho-Troconis, PhD
R&D Director

Douglas J. Brown, DDS
Senior Manager, Clinical Affairs

Robert Ganley
Ivoclar Vivadent AG

Keith R. Haig
Director, Marketing & Professional Relations

Bernard Koltisko, PhD
Director of Research & Development
Caulk Division
DENTSPLY International

Gerard Kugel, DMD, MS, PhD
Associate Dean for Research
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Ed McLaren, DDS
MDC Clinical Professor and Director of Graduate Esthetics
Director, UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry

John Powers, PhD
Senior Vice President & Editor
The Dental Advisor

Leo Pranitis
Vice President, Global Marketing & Innovation
Kerr Corporation

James Simon, DDS, Med
Director, Division of Esthetic Dentistry
University of Tennessee College of Dentistry
Memphis, Tennessee

Douglas A. Terry, DDS
Assistant Professor
Department of Restorative Dentistry and Biomaterials
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Houston, Texas

Van Thompson, DDS, PhD
Professor and Chair
Department of Biomaterials and Biomimetics New York University College of Dentistry