January 2009

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Cover Story

Dentures and Implants: Bringing Them Together For A Winning Combination

Trends in Denture Materials, Fabrication, & Patient Expectations

Do Denture Patients Need Denturists?

Dentures & Implants - Together for the Better

Practice Building

Get Off to a Great Start This Year

Roger P. Levin, DDS


What parameters decide whether to perform a hard tissue graft when osseous architecture suggests a compromise in positioning?

David A. Garber, DDS, BDS, Jack T. Krauser, DMD, Robert A. Levine, DDS

Research & Application

Asymptomatic Shedding of Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) in the Oral Cavity

Howard E. Strassler, DDS

Treatment of Health Complaints Attributed to Amalgam

Howard E. Strassler, DDS

Continuing Education

Use of the Er,Cr:YSGG Laser for Osseous Crown Lengthening: Clinical Update


Challenging the Underuse of Composites in Support of Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Brian LeSage, DDS, FAACD

Industry News

Industry Insider

The Inside View: Me, a Pseudospecialist?

Michael A. Siegel, DDS, MS, FDS, RCSEd

The Main Event: Connect in Chicago - The 19th Annual Oral Health America Gala & Benefit


Short Implants - A Viable Treatment Option in the 'Anatomically Challenged' Patient

Michael Toffler, DDS


Full-Mouth Root Coverage

Michael Sonick, DMD, Debby Hwang, DMD


Restorative Dentistry: Turning the Clock Back for Baby Boomers

Jacinthe M. Paquette, DDS

Focus On

Porcelain Laminate Veneer Preparations-The Additive Contour Technique

Gregg A. Helvey, DDS, MAGD

Clinical Briefs

Addressing Everyday Esthetic Challenges

Kevin C. Kopp, DDS, FACP

Resurfacing Resin-Modified Glass-Ionomer Restorations

Theodore P. Croll, DDS, Richard R. Cavanaugh, DDS

Using Computerized Occlusal Analysis

Alvin W. Neff, DDS

Using a Universal Composite to Create Natural-Looking Anterior Restorations

Marcos Vargas, DDS, BDS, MS


Nano-Ionomer Restorative Cement-Observations After 2 Years of Use

Theodore P. Croll, DDS, Joel H. Berg, DDS , MS


The Fully Integrated Practice

Alex Touchstone, DDS

Tech Profiles

Amaris® - VOCO America

Using Digital Technology for Complete Dentures

The "Insider" Interview

An Inside Look at KOMET USA

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