CBCT Technology for Diagnosis and Treatment Planning: What General Practitioners Should Consider
Curtis E. Jansen, DDS

Beyond diagnosing fractures and tooth/root anomalies and assessing hard tissue before and after implant placement, cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) can be beneficial for performing more common diagnostic tasks, such as panoramic x-rays and bitewings. CBCT, which uses a fraction of the radiation dose of medical CT, can also be used to help clinicians create digital versions of their conventional impressions and poured models for digital transmission to other dental team members. For the growing number of practitioners who place implants, CBCT provides the ability to execute “top-down” treatment planning to offer patients restorative-based implant placement.

Contemporary Dental CAD/CAM: Modern Chairside/Lab Applications and the Future of Computerized Dentistry
Neal Patel, DDS

CAD/CAM in dentistry has been particularly useful in enabling the fabrication of custom, patient-specific restorations and prosthetics without the need for traditional analog dental laboratory methods. While the optimal use of CAD/CAM technology must be determined on a case-by-case basis, it is important for clinicians to recognize the opportunity to utilize computerized technology in patient therapy to provide more highly efficient, accurate, and potentially ideal outcomes.

Predictably Replacing Maxillary Incisors with Implants Using 3-D Planning and Guided Implant Surgery
Peter S. Wöhrle, DMD, MMedSc, CDT

Replacement of multiple adjacent teeth in the esthetic zone with dental implants is a surgical and restorative challenge, especially when an esthetic outcome is essential. Sound diagnosis and treatment planning can be combined with use of cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) and 3-dimensional (3-D) software to achieve desired results. Placement of implants using guided surgical templates is critical when there is limited space between adjacent teeth or limited bone volume.

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