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Continuing Education

  • Risk Assessment a Key to Periodontal Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

    Deborah M. Lyle, RDH, BS, MS

    Prevention of periodontal infection is a complex and integrated process that includes risk assessment, detailed medical and dental histories, evaluation of personal habits, and patient values and expectations. The assessment and data findings provide the basis for an individualized and comprehensive plan to reduce risk for periodontal disease.

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  • Patient-Specific Abutments for Anterior Maxillary Implants

    Christopher D. Ramsey, DMD; and Karina F. Leal, DMD

    Many factors influence the long-term functional and esthetic success of implant-supported restorations. This article reviews recent findings related to such issues as the implant–abutment junction, bacterial adhesion to implant surfaces, and the esthetic and functional consequences of implant and abutment material choices, particularly ...

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Clinical Effectiveness of Flash Teeth Whitening, a Novel Method for Teeth Bleaching

Amanda Arndt, DDS; Edward A. McLaren, DDS, MDC; and Gwen Ulman, PhD

Flash teeth whitening combines the use of a fine aerosol mist of a stabilized, concentrated hydrogen-peroxide solution and a saliva-activated, effervescent oral powder that is poured directly onto the tongue. An in-vivo study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the flash teeth whitening method.

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Watch this step by step procedure using Opalustre to become more familiar with the procedure and its benefits. 

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Atlantis Dental Conference

October 23-25, 2014

Paradise island, Bahamas

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