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October 2013
Volume 34, Issue 9
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From the Editor

From the Editor: Minimizing Risk

Louis F. Rose, DDS, MD

pp 650

Continuing Education

Bridging the Gap Between Preventive and Restorative Dentistry: Identification of Caries Risk Factors and Strategies for Minimizing Risk

Pamela M. Maragliano-Muniz, DMD

pp 664-668; quiz 669

The Dentist’s Role in Diagnosis and Treatment of Halitosis

Stuart J. Froum, DDS, Kristina Rodriguez Salaverry, DDS, MS

pp 670-675; quiz 676


New Text Details Principles Behind Adhesive Dentistry

John Burgess, DDS

pp 662

Business of Dentistry

Growing a Practice: Smart Use of Digital Tools Can Increase Revenue

James W. Ramey

pp 658-660

Kois Center Case of the Month

“Training Teeth”: Transitional Resin Bonding for Diagnostic Purposes

Sandra Hulac, DDS

pp 686-690

Case Reports

One Abutment–One Time: The Negative Effect of Uncontrolled Abutment Margin Depths and Excess Cement—A Case Report

Alfonso Piñeyro, DDS, Lloyd M. Tucker, DMD, MSD

pp 680-684

Clinical Updates

Retrieval of a Defective Cement-Retained Implant Prosthesis

Todd R. Schoenbaum, DDS, FACD, Edward A. McLaren, DDS, MDC, MDS

pp 692-696

Special Reports

Adhesive Dentistry: 2013 and Into the Future

David S. Alleman, DDS, Simone Deliperi, DDS

pp 698-699

3M ESPE’s High-Performing Adhesives: Meeting the Wide Array of Dentists’ Needs

pp 700

BISCO ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL®: A Reliable, Effective One-Bottle Adhesive Solution

pp 702

DENTSPLY Caulk’s Prime&Bond Elect® Universal Adhesive—All About Strength and Simplification

pp 704

Pulpdent High on Total-Etch Adhesion Today, Sees Rise in Bioactive Materials Ahead

pp 706

Shofu Focusing on “Healing Adhesives” for 6th and 7th Generations and Beyond

pp 708

Ultradent’s Peak® Universal Adhesive Performs As Self-Etch Or Total-Etch—Without Compromise

pp 710

The Voice

Executive Director of AAP Reflects on Past, Shares Plans for the Future

Ellen Meyer

pp 714

Online Only

An Unusual Case of Gingival Enlargement: Peripheral Odontogenic Fibroma

Rania Livada, DDS, MS, Norman Fine, DMD, MS, Jacob Shiloah, DMD

e 87-90

Maxillofacial Prosthetics: History to Modern Applications. Part 2 – Speech and Swallow Prostheses

Gregory J. Paprocki, DDS

e 91-95

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