February 2012

Table of Contents

Continuing Education

Crestal Bone Loss and the Consequences of Retained Excess Cement Around Dental Implants

Cary A. Shapoff, DDS, Brent J. Lahey, DMD pp 94-101; quiz 102

Posterior Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants in Sites Augmented with rhBMP-2 at Time of Extraction—A Case Series

Barry P. Levin, DMD, Peter Tawil, DDS pp 104-110; quiz 111


Dental Tourism: An Opportunity for Public Health

Lois K. Cohen, PhD pp 90-93

Case Study

Obliteration of the Nasopalatine Canal in Conjunction with Horizontal Ridge Augmentation

Simone Verardi, DDS, MSD, Julie Pastagia, DDS, MSD pp 116-122

Kois Center Case of the Month

Systematic Analysis of an Anterior Wear Case to Fulfill Esthetic and Functional Objectives

Michael R. Sesemann, DDS, FAACD pp 124-129

Products in Practice

Single-Shaded Direct Anterior Composite Restorations: A Simplified Technique for Enhanced Results

Newton Fahl, Jr., DDS, MS pp 150-154

Research Update

Randomized-Controlled Trial of 0.454% Stannous Fluoride Dentifrice to Treat Gingival Bleeding

Robert W. Gerlach, DDS, MPH, Pejmon Amini, DDS pp 134-138

Special Reports

Digital Radiography: Analyzing the Benefits

Martin Jablow, DMD pp 142-143

DEXIS® Digital Radiography Offers Dentists Positive Imaging Experience

pp 144

Schick Offers Modular Digital Radiography Technology

pp 146

Vatech: Digital Radiography Technologies for Precise Dental Diagnostics

pp 148

Online Only

A Clinical and Histological Comparison of Two Different Bone Augmentation Materials in the Atrophic Pre-Maxilla

Maria Hernandez, DDS, Gregory A. Pette, DMD, MS, Andre Grenier, DMD, Carlos Villanueva, DDS, Enrique Lask, DDS, William Parker, DDS e 26-32

Biocorrosion Vs. Erosion: The 21st Century and a Time to Change

John O. Grippo, DDS e 33-37

Trap Door: An Alternative Procedure to the Triangular Distal Wedge for the Elimination of Distal Periodontal Pockets Adjacent to Edentulous Areas

Medha Singh, BDS, DMD, MS, Paul C. Stark, MS, ScD, Petros D. Damoulis, DMD, DMSc, Paul Levi, DMD, Terrence J. Griffin, DMD e 38-44

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