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January/February 2010, Volume 31, Issue 1

Published by AEGIS Communications

From the Co-Editor

Louis F. Rose, DDS, MD

Dear Readers,
Everyday we embrace the state-of-the-art technologies that facilitate treatment planning, enhance patient comfort, accelerate the delivery of high-quality care, protect our patients’ financial concerns, and provide the most optimal outcomes.

Compendium’s continuing education (CE) articles are the gateway for augmenting your understanding about these technological evolutions, enabling you to incorporate what you have learned into daily practice.

We have seen a burgeoning of implant solutions in the market in the past few decades. To help sort through the plethora of literature, our first CE article offers suggestions for how to select implant abutments. Implant surgeons, restorative dentists, and dental technicians will find this article particularly useful.

Our second CE article regarding ceramics discusses how to interpret the research and presents methods for generating a smooth surface and assessing surface roughness. It also discusses the differences between glazing and mechanical polishing, highlighting the importance of mechanical polishing of dental ceramics.

I believe you will thoroughly enjoy this issue, and I welcome your comments. I can be reached at


Louis F. Rose, DDS, MD

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