The online experience is often a patient&rsquo;s first with a dentist, so it&rsquo;s worth it to make sure that first impression is the best. Learn essential tactics for establishing your online authority.&nbsp;</p>
	Dr. Sanda Moldovan discusses practices dentists can easily implement to enhance their patients&rsquo; healing following surgery, focusing on nutritional status. A new<strong> Inside Dentistry</strong> #dentalCE</p>
	Step into the future where you will meet a mechanized &ldquo;employee,&rdquo; then take a peek at a revolutionary approach to 3D printing, and finally, learn how to protect your confidential data safe from hackers.</p>
	How accurate are digital impression systems compared to traditional impression techniques for dental implant restorations? Dr. Brian Wilk explores this topic in our new <strong>Compendium</strong> #dentalCE&nbsp;</p>
	Dr. Gregg Helvey examines zirconia as a millable material, factors affecting strength and durability, and improvements in translucency values. #dentalCE from <strong>Inside Dental Technology</strong></p>
	An interdisciplinary care case from <strong>Compendiium</strong> that solves the challenge of a severely compromised implant in the esthetic zone.&nbsp;</p>
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