As we move forward in times of uncertainty in health care delivery, what are the best strategies for retaining our practice models? Learn 5 important ways by comparing medical and dental practice.</p>
	This Compendium study presents a case in which an unusual non&ndash;tooth-related enamel pearl and three teeth-related enamel pearls with LP disease were found and treated without extractions.</p>
	See why the inherent advantages of the CO2 laser make it the most efficient surgical treatment method for operculectomy. New #dentalCE from Compendium</p>
	With so many introductions in the industry, technicians who wish to use new products sometimes need to produce evidence for persuading wary dentist-clients. Joshua Polansky, MDC, explains how.</p>
	When building your professional network online, having a plan for how to use it as a networking tool in the future is imperative. Follow these strategies for developing your overall online existence.</p>
	Although attaining Super GP status can have tremendous financial and personal benefits, it is not for everyone. #InsideDentistry asks the experts what it takes.&nbsp;</p>
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